Plan Your Vacation with the Best Motel Accommodations

Originating after World War II, the word motel means an accommodation that comprises of a single, low-rise building. Constructed in a simple I, L, or U-shape, with guest rooms facing a common parking area, motels sprung up along vast stretches of highways across the United States in the 1960s when automobile travel began to soar. An icon of the great American road trip, their neon vacancy signs were beacons of cheap lodging. Yet, their reputation for comfort, cleanliness, and attractiveness turned lackluster over the decades.

Times have changed, however, and the conventional look of motels is being adjusted towards modern and appealing accommodations for travelers on the go. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get from a motel stay.

  1. Some travelers are apprehensive about staying the night in a motel. However, with strict security norms and laws, motels are a safe place for every traveler.
  2. If you’re a budget traveler with a good night’s sleep as the most important criterion, then an overnight stay at a motel is just the place to lay your weary head. It also helps you stretch your dollar for other activities and expenses while on vacation.
  3. Motels are smaller in size, easier to navigate than large hotels, and staff members are able to provide personalized service to their guests.
  4. Some motels have a mechanic’s garage on site—ideal if you’re traveling in an old car that needs extra attention.
  5. Although you won’t find a lot of fancy extras, like expensive shampoos or lotions, most motels offer a small refrigerator as well as a tea or coffee maker in the room. These help you to save on food expenses.
  6. Not all but many motels allow pets in the room. However, check the pet policy in advance before booking.

As always, the secret to a comfortable stay at a motel is to do your research in advance, so that your next road trip across the country is a memorable one.

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