Place Flagey, a Brussels square with a little taste of the Big Apple

Place Flagey,

Place Flagey,

If I could take my favorite New York City café and place it in Brussels, it would be at Place Flagey. If I could take my favorite New York City neighborhood and bring it closer, I would plunk it down on Place Flagey. If I could place my favorite indie cinema from NY near by, I’d set it up on Place Flagey. When I can’t be in New York City, I go to Place Flagey.
This rather intimate square in Ixelles, not too deep into the city, encompasses all the “little things” I miss about NYC. When I want to reminisce about walking in Central Park, I take a stroll around the Ixelles ponds. When I yearn for unique theater, music, or programs for the children, I visit Flagey , an art deco mecca of entertainment for the whole family. When I want the convenience of neighborhood commerce, I find small eateries, a bike shop, a book store, and an outdoor market.

For a dose of energy from an ecclectic mix of people, a light meal, a hot coffee drink, or a fresh mint tea, I push through the door of Belga Café – or simply sit on its terrace. With free wi-fi access, Belga Café is the perfect “hang out” for professionals, students and an artsy/literary crowd. The eatery also features live music. What better way to remember jazzy weekends in the Big Apple? For other dining experiences, plenty of restaurants sprawl into the side streets.
People revere NYC neighborhoods because of their energy, hustle and bustle. Place Flagey offers energy without over excitement and enough people without a crowd. For a weekend brunch, a relaxing walk or unique entertaining, Place Flagey is a small square in Brussels that guarantees a perfect day (or night) out.

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