Pensacola, Florida – The Home of the Blue Angels

Pensacola, Florida – The Home of the Blue Angels

Pensacola, Florida

by Grace Bailey

Pensacola is a city, situated in the state of Florida, USA. It is one of the main towns in the so-called district of north Florida, which is also known as Florida Panhandle. This part of the state is almost two hundred meters long and the width varies from fifty to hundred miles. Pensacola is the seat and the capital city of the county of Escambia, of which it is part. The place is also part of the nearest metropolitan area and has almost half a million people population.

The history of the foundation of the town goes back to the 16th century. The story says that the first person to discover the place was a Spanish explorer. His name is reported to be Arellano. The fact that the place was founded so long ago makes it the oldest settlement in the USA.

The order in Pensacola was changed when in the end of the 18th century the Spanish ruling was replaces by a French one. Not long after that, it became British possession and even called the capital of the new British colony in the new lands. During the years of the Civil War in the states, the area fought on the side of the Confederacy. Since 1862 it is official American possession.

Pensacola is also the biggest seaport in the Pensacola Bay. That port is very important because of its connection with the Gulf of Mexico.

In southeast direction from Pensacola the tourists will see the Naval Air Station of U.S. It is a very important place for the American army. The station is the home of the Blue Angels, which are an American squadron, especially created for air demonstrations. There is another interesting point in the area as well and this is the National Naval Aviation Museum. The building of the museum was opened for the first time in the middle of the 20th century in 1962. It is as one can guess dedicated to the history and glory of the naval aviation of the USA. The collection of the place is very impressive for both people that are interested in aviation and those who know absolutely nothing about airplanes. Among the exhibits there are more than one hundred and fifty space and aircrafts. Some of the exhibits are still property of the navy and are kind of loaned to the museum. The exhibition is even more interesting and modern for the visitors, as it is supplied with an IMAX theater, museum store, where tourists can buy very interesting items to remind them about the visit in the place, and, of course, a café where they can talk about the exhibit and rest a little. In a special day of the week between March and November some of the tourists will be lucky to watch the practice of the Blue Angels.

Along with all the historic monuments and sightseeing in Pensacola, you can find some of the most beautiful and finest beaches in the world. Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key are very popular spots for an unforgettable vacation in Florida.

    Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

The city of the Blue Angels is also an amazing place for anyone who has a passion for outdoor adventures. So, you can ditch your heavy clothes and start exploring the National Seashore in the Gulf Islands. There is a great variety of aquatic activities you may choose from, among which are surfing, fishing, scuba diving or even collecting beautiful seashells on the shore. Visitors can find so much more to do in the area of Pensacola Bay though, as the Mother Nature has been so generous to that sunny place. If you want to discover the unique native fauna and flora, you can take advantage of the many nature excursions available or just enjoy the emerald- waters and breathtaking scenery while canoeing, kayaking or sailing. You can even go aboard a fishing charter and experience what is like to reel your own dinner. Escambia River is offering the richest diversity of freshwater fishing. Biking and golfing are the other activities facilitated in Pensacola Bay.

Though it is a big city, a look at the architecture of the place will tell that the usual view with the skyscrapers cannot be seen here. There are few tall buildings, but most of them are not more than ten floors.

The Pensacola City Center downtown is the place where the visitors can buy tickets for some of themost interesting performances in the area. The city is very attractive with its numerous events and festivals, like the Seafood festival, the Craw-fish Festival and the one, dedicated to art, called Great Gulf-coast.

Those of the visitors who are keen on history will really enjoy taking part in one of the tours round the restored neighborhoods, dated back from the 18th century.

At least once, you should start your day with a beach walk and end it contemplating the sun going down the horizon when you visit Pensacola.

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