Penniless in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia

How to Enjoy This Great City for Free

With all of the fantastic attractions, shopping, nightlife, restaurants and bars to enjoy in Sydney, Australia, it can be very easy to part with your money. If you are planning a trip on a small budget, you might be wondering whether or not you will be able to enjoy the city without spending a fortune. However, there is no need to worry. It is completely possible to have a fantastic time in Sydney without having to spend a penny.

Here are some of the best free activities that you can enjoy in this great city.

  • Walk Through the Botanical Gardens

The beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens feature an array of beautiful natural trails and sites, including a Sydney Tropical Center and a garden for rare and endangered plants. It is also a great spot to take some fantastic photos of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

  • Check Out the View from Sydney Harbor Bridge

This is the largest steel-arch bridge in the world and a symbol of Sydney, so it is a must-see on your visit. If you walk across the bridge, you will have an excellent vantage point for gazing over the entire city and harbor.

  • Visit a Free Art Gallery

Sydney has many excellent art galleries, many of which are completely free to enter. The Museum of Contemporary Art usually has some interesting and thought provoking exhibits and the Gallery of New South Wales has five levels of rotating exhibits.

  • Watch the Street Performers at Circular Quay

Circular Quay is the hub of the Sydney Harbor and it has a very lively and fun atmosphere. Most of the time, you will discover musicians, acrobats, magicians and other street performers putting on a show for the crowds. On a sunny day, there is nothing better than relaxing at the Quay and watching the free performance. If you enjoyed the show, you might even want to give the performers a little tip!

  • Walk From Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach

This gorgeous walk takes you all along the coastline and gives you the opportunity to visit several parks and beaches along the way. The views of the ocean are breathtaking and you could even stop and enjoy a picnic while gazing out at the blue waves.

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