Palm Springs, California – San Andreas Fault Tour



If you are looking for a unique way to spend some time in Palm Springs, and like the outdoors, then the San Andreas Hummer tour might just be up your alley.  If you are staying at one of the local hotels in Palm Springs, such as the Zoso, the Elite Hummer Tours will even offer the courtesy of picking you up and dropping you off at the lobby of your hotel.

This tour provides an intimate look at the desert and naturescapes of the local desert.  While the tour takes a solid four hours, it is comfortable in an air-conditioned new Hummer.  They also provide drinks and snacks, such M&M’s, peanuts, at each stop.  The tour takes you into washes and riverbeds, and includes some short hiking locations.  However, the small hikes were well worth it, as one of the hikes ends at the top of a hill overlooking the Salton Sea.  The view is truly spectacular.

Other points of interest include a stop in which the tour guide has visitors “taste” different types of local, edible plants, which weren’t too bad.  The true peak of the tour is arriving and driving through the San Andreas area. Stopping to inspect the sheared off rocks of the fault line was truly impressive. These rocks are easily 20 feet tall and look like someone just came along and literally shaved off the rock.  This stop is an excellent location for a photo op standing in front of the fractured granite.

Part of the tour includes driving through and around some agricultural areas closer to Coachella.  The tour guides are knowledgeable and informative explaining some of the local vegetation, including those not native and brought in by others.  In addition, they also give background about the area including the meaning of names and history of the towns, and some of the scenic formations and mountains.

While the walking and hiking was minimal, most of the tour consists of riding in the Hummer; it is well worth the price for four hours.  Wearing comfortable shoes, such as tennis shoes, is very much recommended to avoid slipping while walking in the sandy soils.  Be sure to bring a camera, as there are several points of interest. One of the benefits of this type of tour is that they will drop you at the front door of your hotel after the tour, which is convenient.

After the tour, a hot shower in one of the local hotels feels great. Although you don’t get really dirty, it is nice to clean up and change into something a little nicer for a night on the town.

Since the Palm Springs and desert areas offer many dining options, there is no shortage of choices.  For someone staying at the Zoso, for example, they offer a nice and elegant restaurant off the main lobby area.  The hotel has been completely renovated and has a modern feel to it. They also have a quiet and contemporary bar area that is fairly popular.  It provides a pleasant way to wind down after the day.   Even if you are not a guest at the hotel, the restaurant and bar area can still be enjoyed by all patrons visiting due to its convenient location in the downtown district.

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