Packing Right for an Alaskan Cruise

Tips on What to Pack for a Trip to Alaska
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Alaska has a reputation for being cold country, but warm, summer days are not unusual in many places. The best way to pack for an Alaskan trip is in layers. The secret to packing right for an Alaskan cruise is to travel light and bring only what is needed.Travelers will find that dress in Alaska is very casual. For the typical tourist cruise, one good dress outfit is all that will be needed. The rest of the limited suitcase space is best filled with clothing and shoes suitable for on-the-go activities such as hiking and sight-seeing.

A changeable climate such as Alaska calls for the layered look. A sweater or light jacket is a must for whale-watching or strolls on deck. Fleece is lightweight and warm, so a zippered, hooded fleece jacket is an excellent packing choice for a trip to Alaska.

A coat will be needed, but avoid bringing a bulky wrap that fills up half a suitcase. An outer jacket should also be lightweight, hooded, and be able to double as a raincoat. This is all that is needed for general sightseeing.

A mix and match of long and short sleeves make a good basis for a varied wardrobe.. Short sleeves are good for layering. Even thought the climate is chilly, it is not unusual to see people in shorts. In summer months, there may even be a few days that call for short sleeves, especially around Anchorage.

Alaska Requires Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must, and bringing two pairs of walking, running, tennis or hiking type shoes is recommended. Merrell and other sports shoe companies offer many types of comfortable, casual shoes that are just right for this kind of a trip.

Shoes that are waterproof are a plus because there is much walking near the water. A pair of lightweight waterproof sandals or beach shoes are good to tuck along. A pair of nice shoes or sandals that can double for dress or casual also come in handy.

Packing  Checklist for Alaskan Cruise

1 warm, lightweight outer jacket (preferably waterproof and hooded)
1 lightweight fleece jacket
1 pullover or zip up sweater three or four t-shirts, mixed long and short sleeves
2 wrinkle free blouses
4 pairs of casual pants, jeans, capris
2 pair casual walking or hiking shoes
1 good skirt or dress outfit with shoes swimsuit
2 nightgowns or pajamas and lightweight robe socks and underwear,makeup, medicine, and travel documents.

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