Oak Crest Cottages: Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA

Oak Crest Cottages

Oak Crest Cottages

For our 15th wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to go on a 2nd honeymoon. We were planning on a vacation anyway and decided to do it up right and chose the beautiful town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We booked a room at the Oak Crest Cottages and boy let me tell you, the pictures on the website did not do it justice at all! We had our choice of stand alone cabins, cottages or regular hotel type rooms and we chose a cabin. The owners really did this place up the right way! The grounds are well kept, there are water fountains and other nice decor that all lead up to the cabins.

Each cabin has a theme and the decor and paint reflect that theme. We stayed in the “Mountain Chalet”. It looks almost like a barn (to me) on the outside and is huge for a cabin! I actually asked if we got the whole thing since it has 2 doors, one on each side of the front. As it turned out, we did get the whole thing. It was like renting a small house for the weekend! We opened up the door and were totally blown away by how spacious and comfortable the Chalet was.

It had a king sized bed (with enough pillows to make us happy). The first thing we did was put our luggage down and jumped on the bed. I don’t care how silly that sounds because when I stay somewhere, I want to know that the bed is not made out of rocks! The bed was perfect; not too soft and not too hard. I have never stayed somewhere that I could say the bed was perfect, until now.

The next thing we noticed was the nice “Happy Anniversary” banner hung up in the kitchen area. That made us feel good (this was not something we requested and that made it special). The kitchen was stocked with dinnerware for 2, a mini-fridge, microwave and coffee maker. The dining table was cute; it had a glass top sitting on a wooden barrel! On that table was a handwritten note and a snack basket. I still wonder how they knew what kind of snacks we liked…hmm…anyway.

The living area had a loveseat with dual recliners and sat in front of the fireplace. The TV was hung on the wall in the perfect spot for viewing while reclining or sitting in the Jacuzzi. Did I mention that there were trees inside the Chalet? Yes! Actual trees with romantic lights hung on the branches.

Moving out onto the private deck, they had a glider swing and bistro table and chairs for sitting and enjoying the flowering trees. We are a couple of cigarette smokers so we really enjoyed that deck and the large astray offered.

I guess you get the idea by now, that we really enjoyed our stay at the Oak Crest Cottages. The staff is the friendliest I’ve ever met and the most helpful when asked about the happenings of the area. If you are shopping around for a great getaway, then I highly recommend Oak Crest Cottages. They also have treehouse accommodations available in a different location (still in the same general area).

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