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NY facts & figures

New York  state is the 11th state to be admitted to the union on July 26th 1788, located on the east coast of the USA. It is bordered by NJ and PA to the south and by CT, MA and VT to the east.

State Capital Albany

Largest City: New York City

State Motto: Excelsior

State Nick name: The Empire State

State Song: ” I love New York”

Area: 54,475Sq Miles. NY is the 27th  largest state in the United State.

Residents: New Yokers

Population: 19, 465, 197  July Census 2011 according to the US census Bureau. New York is the 3rd most populated state in the nation after California and Texas.

Major Industries: Tourism, finances, communications, fashion, international trade, farming.

Highest point: Mount Marcy, 5344 ft above sea level.

Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean

Main Rivers:  Hudson River, Mohawk River, Genesee River.

Counties: 62

State Bird : The Eastern bluebird

State Mammal: Beaver

State Insect: Nine Spotted ladybug

State Fish: Brook trout

State Fruit: Apple

State Flower: Rose

State Tree: Sugar maple

State Fossil: Sea scorpion

State Gem: Garnet

Climate: NY has a humid subtropical climate. The winter seasons are cold and long and summer temperatures usually between upper 70s to mid 80s F. Between mid July and mid august, the temperatures can go up to 100 F with 90% humidity.

Best time to visit: No matter what the season is, there is always great stuff going on in NY, so, there is no real best or worst time to go. Hotel prices are fairly higher than any other state specially in NYC. The bargain hunters might want to try the winter months. Spring and fall are traditionally the most expensive months when its come to hotels in NYC. You can always negotiate for a decent rate.

 Few Fun Facts about New York State:

* New York  state has more ski mountain than any other states in the country.

* New York is the country’s third-largest wine-producing state, with more than 250 wineries growing over 35 varieties of grapes.

* The original Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar.

* In the nineteenth century, New York State was known for therapeutic mineral springs. The waters of Saratoga Springs became very famous.

* About 40 million gallons of water flow over Niagara Falls every minute.

* The Adirondack Park has over 6.1 million acres, larger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Parks combined.

* Niagara Falls is approximately 12,000 years old. The Falls have actually moved seven miles from its original location.

* With over 800,000 square feet and 220 stores, Woodbury Common is one of the largest outlet shopping centers in the world.

* The first railroad in America ran the 11-mile distance between Albany and Schenectady.




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