Need your passport fast? Look for some of the Expedited US Passport Services

Do you need to renew your passport as soon as possible? If yes, then expedited US passport service permits American citizens to get hold of passports as promptly as same day. However, this process may take up to three weeks. The steps that an aspirant will need to take, depends on the type of passport service required and how fast it is desirable.

Here are some of the essential steps involved to get a passport expedited:

  • Fill out the proper passport application form

  • Collect all the necessitated supporting papers

  • For expedited service at an application reception facility fill out form DS-11 to obtain the passport in two to three weeks

  • Submit Form DS-82, DS-5504, or DS-4085 for expedited service through mail in order to have them worked on in two to three weeks

  • To acquire a passport expedited under two weeks apply at a provincial passport authority

  • Apply for expedited passport through a professional expediter

Moreover, one can expedite a US Passport by selecting a US Passport application service from the below mentioned services:

  • New Passport: A new passport is issued on the basis of several conditions such as:

    • You are applying for the first time

    • If you are over 18 years of age and your prior passport was issued at age 15 or under

    • If your previous US passport was issued more than 15 years ago

    • If your expired US passport is not in your possession

    • If your current valid passport is damaged



  • Passport renewal: A person is eligible to expedite his/her passport renewal fast on the circumstances:

    • If you already have a passport which is not damaged

    • If your passport was issued within the last fifteen years

    • If there are no changes in your legal name

    • If you were age 16 or over at the time the passport was issued

    • If you changed your name and can prove it

  • Lost Passport: One can apply to replace his/her lost or stolen passport on the condition:

    • If the missing passport is still valid. If your stolen or lost passport has expired, you need to apply for a new passport

  • Child Passport: Child passport is issued on the following situations:

    • If you are a first time applicant

    • If your prior passport was issued at the age 15 or under

    • If your expired passport is not in your possession

    • If your passport was issued more than 15 years ago

    • If your current valid passport is damaged

  • Passport name change: If you changed your legal name since the passport was issued, you can apply for passport name change on the condition that:

    • Your passport issue date is within one year and it is still valid, otherwise you have to renew your passport.

  • Add Passport pages: In case your current valid passport has run out of pages, you need to apply for add passport pages services. This services can be availed on the condition that:

    • The passport’s expiration date is at least one year away or else you have to apply for passport renewal.

  • Second Passport: One can apply for the issuance of second passport on the condition that:

    • If you are a frequent traveler and don’t have enough time to acquire visas between trips

    • For any security reason

    • If your primary passport is getting a visa stamp

Hence, these are some of the US passport application services for which, one can expedite a US passport.

Author Bio: Joshua Cary is a blogger having a keen interest in traveling. He likes to share information regarding various issues related to traveling such as state laws, visa, expedited passport, insurance coverage, etc.

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