Moving to the United States For Work: 10 Top Tips For Canadians

Moving from Canada to the US can be a challenging transition, and it is crucial to do your homework and plan to make the move a success. You’ll need a job lined up, a visa and a plan to deal with your belongings in Canada.  

You should start planning as soon as possible and ask your employer for help with moving costs and logistics. Avoid leaving things to the last minute to make the process as stress-free as possible.  

Research Locations

Understand the benefits of the different locations you could move to. Learn about the weather, cost of living, things to do, and available accommodation types. Avoid making spur-of-the-moment decisions and carefully weigh up the pros and cons of different locations.  

Understand The Job Market

Learn about the benefits of different locations and how you can market yourself to businesses in America. Choose an area that has demand for your skillset. Take extra training to boost your employability. 

Visit First

Take an extended trip to your intended destination before making your choice. Explore the area and learn about the way of life and culture. Get to know the locals and work out how expensive the area is to live in.  

Find Temporary Accommodation

Get temporary accommodation to help you get set up in America. Ask your employer for advice on where to stay and start looking for permanent housing ASAP. Consider a short term let or hotel and ask your employer if they provide relocation costs.  

Get The Right Visa

Understand the visas available and choose one that you qualify for. Consider a TN visa for professionals from Canada and Mexico. Find out how to qualify and your next steps with help from the experts at Farmer Law PC.  

Open An American Bank Account

Open a bank account and shop around for the best rates on credit cards and other financings. Ask your American co-workers for advice on the lenders to choose. Avoid taking on too much debt and pay back loans and credit cards as quickly as possible.  

Understand Your Health Insurance

Read the terms of your employee health insurance thoroughly. Choose an employer that offers comprehensive benefits and research whether pre-existing conditions will be covered. Consider taking on additional insurance if you are concerned about the level of cover offered.  

Know American Laws

Understand the differences in American vs Canadian laws. Familiarize yourself with the regulations for your specific state as well as federal laws.  

Have Your Belongings Delivered

Get your belongings sent to your new home using a reputable delivery company. Choose a business with good reviews that will handle your items with care. 

Start Building A Social Circle

Build a support system in America by getting to know your co-workers. Explore your new home and get to know locals that can show you around. Keep in touch with loved ones at home by using video calling and social media.  

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