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About Me
My name is Christina, and I am a nurse. I love living in Palm Springs, California because it gives you a small town feeling without being a small town. The weather is perfect and close to major cities.
You have to go to
The Villagefest every Thursday.
Here's one fun activity you can do
Take the aerial tramway to the San Jacinto mountains for a beautiful hike with spectacular views of the valley.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
I love going for coffee. There is a nice courtyard at the corridor near Koffi. There's a beautiful grassy area where you can relax and enjoy your drink (address: 515 N Palm Canyon Dr.)
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
Greek Islands Restaurant or Fisherman's
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
1. Go for a walk on the strip
2. Visit the Air Museum
3. Aerial Tramway
4. Go for a hike in the Taquitz Canyons
5. Buy a map for $5 to find famous homes.
My extra insider tip for you is
If you want to get certified organic food, visit the organic market every Saturday.
My favorite places to be

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