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My name is Rikke , and I am a teacher. I love living in Hønefoss because it's a small and quiet town, but still close to Oslo for all big events. Hønefoss has got it all; lakes, rivers, mountains, forest, beaches ,and a small city centre. The town is more/less
You have to go to
There are not many must-see sites in Hønefoss. The town is probably most proud of its waterfall in the city centre, which also has a great deal of history to it. We also have a popular museum with reconstructed buildings and collected items from the Iron Age.
Here's one fun activity you can do
If you come to Hønefoss, you should be someone who likes the outdoors. It's also best to be here during the summer. Then you can rent canoes or paddle boards and paddle down the river from Hvalsmoen all the way to Tyrifjorden. This takes about six hours. Along the way, you'll pass the city centre, the waterfall and Gladtvedt Pier.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
My favourite activity is hiking and the places to hike. You can go up Mørkgonga, which is a huge crack in the mountain that you cab climb through. It's a very hard, but fun and not too long of a trip to take. From the top of Mørkgonga, you can walk further into the mountain to Gyrihaugen, and from there to Nordmarka and all the way to Oslo. There's also a nice hiking trip up to the King's View in Krokskogen, which will give you an amazing view over Ringerike and Hole. The same applies to the hiking trip up Mørkgonga and Gyrihaugen. In the summer, we also have some great spots for water activities and sunbathing. We have both Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden where there are a lot of people with boats. Water skiing and tubing are popular activities. There are a lot of great beaches around these two fjords, the biggest ones are Onsakervika and Røssholmstanda. There's a camping site for those with a caravan, and there are several activities for those staying at the beach.
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
We have a few very good restaurants well known for using local food such as fish from our fjords or meat from our nearby farmers. The most popular ones are Brasseriet Fengselet, located in the building that was the old prison in the city centre of Hønefoss. The same goes for Eger & Co, located just a few metres away from Brasseriet Fengselet.
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
1. Start your day with canoeing or paddle boarding down the river. This isn't an organised activity, so you should check if someone's renting out the right equipment. It's a long way all the way to Tyrifjorden. If you go all the way, you'll end up between two great beaches: Røssholmstranda and Onsakervika. You can spend some time there, have something to eat at the beach kiosk, and then get someone to pick you up there and drive you back to the city centre, which is only 10 minutes away.

2. After a day like that, I'd go home, clean up, and go out to eat at Eger & Co or Brasseriet Fengselet.

3. If you feel like that's enough activity for one day, you can just chill out in the city. There may be a concert if you're here on a Friday or Saturday. You can just find a pub and have a few beers. I'd recommend two very small local pubs: Lloyds, which is on the city bridge next to the waterfall. The other is Kooperativen, which is located just further over the bridge, past Lloyds, next to Peppes Pizza. It's a cozy place with a lot of different kinds of beer.

3. If you still have time and energy and don't want to go to a pub just yet, I'd recommend going up Mørkgonga or to the King's View, which is just an hour's hike to the top. Both of these view points are in the east, so you'll have a beautiful view.. Why not bring some food and a disposable grill and maybe some beers to enjoy the sunset at its best.
My extra insider tip for you is
Come prepared! Hønefoss is a small town and, unfortunately, it's well known for a lot of organised activities. So, you have to plan and carry out the activities on your own. However, there are a lot of friendly people who will gladly assist you with an activity and help you from point A to B.
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