"Viljandi is small enough to cycle and enjoy it all, ..."

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About Me
My name is Brite Vilgo, and I am a dance and yoga teacher, dance and photography artist. I love living in Viljandi because it's small and quiet, yet very vibrant in music and culture. Viljandi has many great places to walk and just enjoy and the most amazing view over more/less
You have to go to
Ruins of Viljandi Teutonic Order Castle with a view over the lake and beach.
Here's one fun activity you can do
Go swimming in Lake Viljandi when it's summer or ice-skating on a lake in winter.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
The Green Cafe! It's a fantastic place with organic food and the best organic Guatemalan coffee! Run by a family with 5 or 6 children, it's the most caring, cozy place to have a lunch, by the way! They also have a little shop with it.
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
I must repeat it again: The Green Cafe (Rohelise Maja Kohvik pood)- quality, organic and made with love.
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
1. Go to the Kondase Center (art gallery)
2. See both lakes: Lake Viljandi and Paala järv
3. Go to the Folk Center near the ruins
4. Visit the castle ruins
5. Attend the folk festival that takes place every year at the end of July
6. If you're here in winter, go skiing and sledging.
My extra insider tip for you is
Viljandi is small enough to cycle and enjoy it all, yet it can be little tricky (and almost impossible in winter time) on these one-way roads.
My favorite places to be

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