"While Boston prides itself on it's cocktail scene and ..."

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My name is Lindsay, and I am a producer. I love living in Boston, Massachusetts because it's approachable but never boring, and there's always something new going on.
You have to go to
That's a difficult question for a place like Boston. For first-time visitors, I'd suggest the Freedom Trail, which will give you a solid sense of Boston's history on a stroll through the heart of downtown (even if it can be full of tourists). The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is wonderful for art-lovers (think New England's Palace of Versailles), and Fenway Park is undeniably cool, whether or not you're into baseball.
Here's one fun activity you can do
Walk to everything! Especially on nice days, people flock to different points along the Charles River. The Esplanade is a favorite spot to sunbathe, people watch, hire a sailboat, or go for a run.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
I love Mount Auburn Cemetery. It's in Cambridge, about a mile and a half from Harvard Square, so most tourists don't visit. It's the first landscaped cemetery in the US and full of famous New Englanders and Harvard Alumni. An impressive array of trees and flowering plants line the roads and walkways, making it a particularly beautiful spot in spring and fall. Check out the great views of the city from Washington Tower!
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
You'll be looking for clam chowder and seafood, and that's definitely what you should be seeking! But there are many tourist traps out there. Among locals, the number 1 best spot for seafood of any type is Neptune Oyster in the North End. If you want something cheap and easy, I like Sail Loft, a little shack near the Boston Harbor. It's right on the water and serves up a pretty good clam chowder and any kind of fried seafood fare you can think of. The new Boston Public Market also has a seafood stand with fresh oysters and clams freshly shucked before your eyes.
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
1. Start at the Boston Common and walk the Freedom Trail.
2. Grab lunch in the Boston Public Market and a pastry in the North End (try Modern Pastry or Bova's--NOT Mike's!).
3. Hit Boston Harbor after eating. From there, you can decide to check out Cambridge or head to the Fenway Park area if there's a game.

Walking as much as you can will give you the best feel for the city. It's the perfect size to wander, because you won't really get (too) lost, and most sites are within reach of a few T-stops at most.

If you're a fan of craft beer, you'll find a lot of breweries in the Boston area: Sam Adams, Harpoon, and Aeronaut Brewing Co. (in super-local Somerville) to name just a few. Try one if you have time!
My extra insider tip for you is
While Boston prides itself on it's cocktail scene and there are a lot of cool bars, this is unfortunately not the place for late nights out. Public transport stops at 2:00 am, and most places close by that time as well. Best advice for a late night is to go out, close down a bar, and head to a friend's house for a party that continues until morning. On the bright side, it's cheaper, and you have a better shot at making it to one of the city's awesome brunch spots the next day.
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