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Elliot Larkin

About Me
My name is Elliot Larkin, and I am a Rental Properties. I love living in Gainesville, Florida because From its appearance it may seem like a college town, but under the surface lies an incredible energy, vitality, and passion for all paths to God.
You have to go to
Here's one fun activity you can do
Bike the hawthorne trail
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
The Temple of the Universe - Yogi Michael Singer lives there and gives satsang 3 times a week. The energy is incredible.
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
The Daily Green
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
Wake up and swim at the NE pool. Eat breakfast at East End Eatery. Bike the hawthorne trail, walk the La Chua Trail. Eat lunch at the Daily Green. Relax. Walk through downtown, eat at The Top. Drive to the Temple of the Universe for a talk by Michael Singer
My extra insider tip for you is

My favorite places to be

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