"This is an outdoor city, so come and enjoy it ..."

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About Me
My name is Brit, and I am a student. I love living in Missoula, Montana because it combines the feel of a bustling college town with an active arts and outdoor community.
You have to go to
The Rattlesnake Wilderness Area
Here's one fun activity you can do
Go floating down the Clark Fork River.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
Walk through the neighborhoods near the college--you'll find beautiful trees and architecture throughout.
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
Catalyst Cafe
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
1. Have brunch at Catalyst Cafe.
2. Go tubing down the Clark Fork River.
3. Go hiking along the trails nearby.
4. See a show at the community theater..
My extra insider tip for you is
This is an outdoor city, so come and enjoy it all!
My favorite places to be

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