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My name is Caroline, and I am a teacher . I love living in Toronto, ON because there are always new experiences to try. It's a great centre for arts. Winterlicious and Summerlicious menus make trying different restaurants fun!
You have to go to
Bloor Street. It's long and has so much to offer. It's the green line if you're taking the subway. Examples: High Park for cherry blossoms in April. BMV for quirky books at great prices. Cobb's Bread across the street for white chocolate raspberry scones.
Here's one fun activity you can do
Go Jays, Go! Toronto offers a lot of opportunities to go see a game. The Blue Jays are Canada's darlings. Tickets here can be as cheap as $18. Looking for something a little bit different or more uniquely Canadian? There are obviously NHL games, but that kind of hockey is crazy expensive. Try and hot up a Marlies game to save money and see the rising stars. If you want to be super patriotic, you can see a Toronto Rock game and discover lacrosse, a Canadian national sport.
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
Snakes & Lattes is a board game café. Its College Street location is some place that I love to take visitors and to hang out with friends. People can either be really competitive or really laid back. For five bucks you can stay as long as you want. Along with the servers, they also have a board game master who will explain what any board game is, and he'll even start playing with you if you need that extra help. Try the Quebec cheese plate if you have the munchies from too much Monopoly.
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
Well, I've got a sweet tooth, so I'll base my restaurant recommendations on that. There's a place called Kekou Gelato that has these crazy Asian fusion flavors. The Drake Hotel - not related to the rapper - has expanded to a couple new spots. One is called the Drake 150, and it has early, great vibe, DJ, and an old-school photo booth. They have an apple pie there with apple brandy ice-cream that is to die for. All of the above is made in-house.
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
A walkable day...

1. Meander through the vintage and specialty shops in the Kensington Market neighbourhood.

2. Visit the Lillian H. Smith Library and see incredible, unique collections on the third and fourth floor -- science fiction and children's literature.

3. Eat lunch at one of the patios on Baldwin St., such as Cafe La Gaffe.

4. Buy some quirky housewares at Umbra, the only brick-and-mortar (more pink, less brick) store of the brand.

5. Visit Lawren S. Harris’ work: Art Gallery of Ontario is free on Wednesday evenings and has a fabulous shop with Canadian made goods.

6. Enjoy live jazz (usually 6:30 and 9:30, check the website) at The Rex, or take in great improv at The Second City.
My extra insider tip for you is
For the ultimate adventure in karaoke, there's a band called Good Enough Live Karaoke. Check out when they're playing on Facebook and see if you can make one of their shows. It's pretty insane. If you're not as outgoing as all that, Koreatown has karaoke rooms that you can rent, and the only people hearing your voice are you and your friends.
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