"Dunedin has very changeable weather, and you never really know ..."

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My name is Amanda, and I am a community support worker. I love living in Dunedin because it's a beautiful little city--big enough to have everything you need and small enough to be friendly and easy to get around. It has a super interesting history and amazing Edwardian style architecture! more/less
You have to go to
If you get a chance (and it isn't lambing season), you should check out Tunnel Beach. Just take a bus from town up to Corstophine and get off at the end of the route. Then walk down Blackhead Road for a while until you get to Tunnel Beach Road. Follow this road to the end and you reach the start of the walking track! Beautiful rock formations and views across the ocean!
Here's one fun activity you can do
See the street art along Vogel Street and around that area. There has been a huge focus in our city lately on street art, and there are some interesting, massive pieces on the sides of many buildings just south of the Octagon (middle of town).
Don't forget to check out one of my favorite places
I love to go all the way out to Taiaroa Head where the albatross colony is. If you stop just before you get to the colony and wander down the slope, there are some old gun emplacements left over from the wall. This is a cool piece of history with a beautiful view back towards the city and across the harbour. Also, if you're lucky, you might see a penguin! Be careful to park you car where other drivers can see it and get around it. Also, watch your step, as it is steep and a little tricky. It's probably not for the faint hearted or those scared of heights :)
Enjoy a meal at my favorite restaurant
Any of the pubs in the centre of town--good food for a decent price and good beer!
Here's a doable bucket list for you to do in one day
Take a tour out to the peninsula and see some of the wildlife or a walk at Tunnel Beach (depending on your budget). This will take about half a day. When you come back wander around the main street and south of the Octagon to see the beautiful buildings and street art - there are often signs about the history of the buildings outside of them. If you have time and the energy, take a walk into the city's green belt up the hill from the main street to experience some lovely green spaces. Then back down to the Octagon or along the main street (George Street) for a pub meal and some Speights beer.

If it is raining a tour of the Speights Ale House might be a better option than the walk! Also, this has free beer tasting at the end. This is a good option for a meal as well :)
My extra insider tip for you is
Dunedin has very changeable weather, and you never really know what to expect throughout the day. My best advice is to wear layers, especially if you're here in spring or autumn, and never go anywhere without packing your rain jacket. If you're here in early spring and wake up to a beautiful sunny day, I would advise stepping outside before leaving without a jersey or jacket, as it can look warm but be very chilly!
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