Maximizing a Trip to Trendy Johannesburg

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The large South African city of Johannesburg is a bustling metropolis and an African economic juggernaut. Known in the local language as Joburg, the city embraces an eclectic mix of African, European, and Asian cultures.

Its rich history, together with its progressive outlook, makes it a hip destination for tourists from around the world. There are numerous attractions Johannesburg is known for, but these hip attractions are the city’s staple and will definitely maximize your trip.

Market on Main

Nestled at 245 Main Street, it is the number one ranked food and design market. A must see location if you are visiting or either you’re from Johannesburg, it offers a wide range of interesting items that you can find in other parts of the world.  Something you can bargain for while letting you have a taste of other cultures. In Market on Main, you can also find sumptuous, inexpensive and healthy ethnic food. The outside area is also quite refreshing with all the awesome bars and cozy coffee shops. Market on Main is definitely a place where you can best spend your Sunday mornings.

Gold Reef City

Another place where you can experience extreme fun is South Africa’s premiere theme park, the Gold Reef City. This place offers different kinds of attractions that cater to all ages. Adults enjoy their trip to the mine tour which gives them the experience of how gold-mining feels like. This is one of the highlights that this theme park offers along with the thrill rides and the famous 4D cinema that are both enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Visitors would surely love to indulge with various selections of restaurants, while others can spend their day watching the featured show at the Theatre. Gold Reef City is indeed full of awesome memorabilia of South Africa.

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum is situated in Northern Parkway. Constructed with a budget of approximately 80 million South Africa Rands and is recognized as the pre-eminent museum when it opened in 2001. The museum exhibits South Africa’s 20th century rise and fall during the Apartheid Era. The architectural design is impressive along with their excellent exhibit that explains all about the Apartheid movement. Extraordinary stories unfold right before your very eyes. Paying a visit to this place is a good way to know and experience South African history.

Lion Park

If you want to have a perfect outdoor activity for the weekend, consider visiting The Lion Park. It is an amazing park that is considered home to some herbivores and carnivores. You will truly enjoy your interaction with the animals as you get the amazing chance to get up close- and-personal with them. The park is divided into two areas. Herbivores like giraffe, zebra and other grass-eating animals were separated from the prides of lions, cheetahs, along with some wild dogs and hyenas which are located at the carnivore’s area. This is a great chance for visitors to pet these wild animals and at the same time feed them. The whole family can surely enjoy this trip.

Origins Centre

Anyone, whose interest is the story of humankind and its origins in Africa, should consider having a day of visit in the Origins Center. To provide visitors with Africa’s rich and complicated heritage is their main goal in building the museum. The range of audience that the museum caters are from school kids as well as the ones whose interest is all about Africa’s celebration of history. You can enjoy the wonderful exhibition because of its well done presentation that is both fun and educational.

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