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Manchester may not be the top of everyone’s lists as a major tourist destination but this bustling and fascinating city actually has plenty to offer visitors from across the country and around the world. It is lively, diverse, interesting and has something which is bound to entertain any tourist.

Manchester is one of the largest cities in England and is integral to the culture of Lancashire and the north-west. As with any major lively city it attracts a considerable number of tourists and visitors every year, keen to see everything that has made Manchester so famous across the world. The city has a very interesting history, experiencing a huge boom during the Industrial Revolution and has become a dominant part of British national identity. It is the third most-visited city in the UK, after London and Edinburgh.

What To Do And See

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Manchester is its history, which documents a meteoric rise during the 19th and 20th centuries to such a position of prominence. It is home to Britain’s oldest surviving railway station, at Liverpool Road and also has strong links to science and technology, having been the city where the atom was first split and where the first stored-programme computer was developed. This proud past is continued by the city’s education institutions, including the University of Manchester, the largest single-location university in the UK. Manchester is also renowned for its sporting culture and is home to two of England’s and the world’s, biggest football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City. It is also home to the important Old Trafford cricket ground. The architecture of the city is also another reason why people choose to visit, as it reflects Manchester’s proud history and its impressive growth mirroring that of the textile industry. Culturally too, Manchester has had a significant impact, with music, art and film all supported by the city. The bands The Smiths, Oasis and New Order are all from Manchester and there are numerous galleries, museums and performance spaces to visit there too.

Travel And Accommodation

The sheer size of Manchester makes it incredibly easy to travel to and stay in. Manchester Airport is easily accessible and is the busiest in the UK, outside of the London area. There are also two main train stations, Victoria and Piccadilly, which offer connections across the country to many other major cities, including Liverpool and London, as well as to countless smaller destinations. Finding a Manchester hotel and parking is similarly simple due to the vast number that are on offer, just make sure you are close to the right attractions and transport links.

Overall, any trip to Manchester is sure to be an interesting and entertaining one as there is so much to fill your time with. Choosing accommodation such as the Chancellors Hotel means that you will have a base in the centre of this wonderful and engaging city.

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