Madagascar for Honeymoons



You might not think of Madagascar as a honeymoon destination. A certain children’s cartoon movie might be to blame if you don’t associate this Indian Ocean island with romance.

In fact, Madagascar is a paradise for couples seeking a unique place to celebrate their special day. However, newlyweds should be warned. This is a destination for people that love nature and the outdoors. It’s not for people who prefer to stay in a luxury air-conditioned room.

Madagascar offers plenty of opportunities for couples that want to laze on a beach, but it also provides the chance to embark on a number of safari adventures.

One reason couples might come here on their honeymoons is a love of exotic wildlife, including lemurs and chameleons, both of which are native to the island. Other species to tick off include iguanas, fish eagles and birds of paradise.

Couples could visit the Andasibe Perinet National Park, one of the best-known natural habitats on the island. There they can join an official botanical tour or venture out on their own, or with a private guide.

Another option is to travel on to Lake Ampitabe to explore a nearby private nature reserve. Here you could stay at the Bushhouse Lodge. Newlyweds might also be amazed by what they see and hear in Toamasina and Ile Sainte Marie.

Virgin rainforest and pristine seas also provide a perfect backdrop for activities. Honeymooners can spend time snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing, or waterskiing. Most resorts offer boat excursions and even shopping trips.

Any one of the romantic Anjajavy villas may be suitable for honeymoon celebrations. Some of them have more than one floor with a large terrace that overlooks the sea.  From here, the couples may also decide to move onto the Vakona Lodge.

Honeymooners have plenty of chances to get away in Madagascar. One favorite spot is the city of Tana. The Hotel Pallisandre is one suggested accommodation. It offers high-quality cuisine and breathtaking room views.

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