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The capital of England, London, is an exciting, culturally vibrant location, full of tourist attractions, vast entertainment events and varied food. This European destination will leave you wanting more.

As any picture will show, one of the most stunning images of London is its skyline.  Start your itinerary by grabbing a glass pod on the London Eye, a 443-foot Ferris wheel, and witness it for yourself.

From here you can see Elizabeth Tower or ‘Big Ben’, as it’s affectionately known.  Iconic in the capital, it’s situated next to the Houses of Parliament, making it one of the most important places in the city.

To the right you’ll see Buckingham Palace with its magnificent gardens and parks.  Known largely as the home of the Queen of England, this attraction is visited by millions.

Even further along the Thames, catch a glimpse of St Paul’s Cathedral, which has been the site of many historically important events, such as the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Once your hour on the London Eye is up, take a trip towards Westminster Abbey and appreciate it from up close.  Built by Henry III in 1245, history fanatics will be in their element experiencing one of the most important Gothic buildings of England.

After being in awe of the history of the city, visit Oxford Street, one of the best shopping destinations in Europe, full of the world’s biggest retail outlets, including large department store such as John Lewis and Debenhams.

If you’re looking for something special, though, take a journey towards Harrods, situated near the highly affluent Knightsbridge area.  The most exciting department store in London, Harrods has everything you could ever need to buy, including high-cost, designer items to die for.

Once you’ve shopped till you’ve dropped, give yourself a rest and take a seat in Hyde Park, nearby, which once served Henry VIII as a hunting ground.  For the brave and articulate, there is the opportunity to join the Speaker’s Corner where attendants are encouraged to speak their mind.

After taking in the many exciting sights of London, you may start to build an appetite and, like any major European destination, London’s cuisine goes a long way to form its character.  But what is it that sums up the capital’s taste buds?  Well, while many cities across the world are associated with a specific dish, London is famed for a wide assortment of food from cultures around the world.

You can wake up in the capital and have breakfast at Café Broheme, a Parisian café in the centre of Soho, offering croissants and coffee.  Then, for lunch, enjoy an authentic English afternoon tea at the famous hotel, The Ritz, with scones and cream.  Finally, for dinner, find Belgo’s, an authentic Belgian restaurant located in Covent Garden that serves up a host of delicacies, including mussels, as well as a large selection of Belgian beers.

As you discover the thousands of restaurants in London you’ll come to realise that what makes its cuisine so individual, is that it is every world’s food culture at once.

Now you’ve had a long day of sightseeing and have your hunger satisfied, you’re looking to fill your evening with entertainment.  Fortunately for you, London has everything to suit anyone’s needs.  When in the capital of England, you will never find yourself without something to do.

The Royal Albert Hall, the centre of entertainment in London, holds events such as the BBC Summer Proms as well as critically acclaimed plays like Billy Elliot and The Lion King.

If you’re looking for something a bit more lighthearted, though, experience the much-famed British wit at one of the many comedy clubs available.

Check out The Boat located on the Thames opposite the London Eye.  Without having to spend too much you’ll get a host of great comedy acts and, if you’re so inclined, club nights run on till the early morning without extra charge.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere full of history, great shopping locations and highly enjoyable entertainment, travel to London.  One of the most exhilarating European destinations, no tourist’s cap truly has credibility until it holds the feather of this city.

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