Life Changing Techniques for Frequent Corporate Travellers

In today’s modern day and age, it is not unusual for business people of all types to be flying around the world to promote and expand their companies. Life on the road can be tough at times though, especially if the schedule is a bit hectic. All it takes is the right preparation and attitude however and you will be all set when it comes to getting to most out of your frequent trips abroad. Remember to take these moments as opportunities to see the world and expand your frame of reference.

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1) Prepare Well for the Flight

Your first steps begin at home before you even depart. Since you’ll be flying a fair bit, it is important to plan out everything to do with your time at the airport and on the plane. Here are some important aspects to think about

  • What entertainment will be best for your time on board?
  • Will you need to notify the airline of your food preferences?
  • What clothing will make the airport security check shorter?
  • Do you need to arrange visas, entry permits or vaccinations?
  • How will you pay for this and who will supply the money?

By taking the time to go over every aspect of the flight, you will then have a better time while on board. Preparing for a long plane ride is essential to ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to tackle your business schedule while there.

2) Diversify Your Meals

The good news about visiting far-off locations for your company is that it’s a great opportunity to experience new things. While you might not have time for sightseeing, at the very least you can make an effort to try the local cuisine. After all, your business has given you a daily allowance for your time, so why not make the most of it? Try and find the best restaurants nearby and see what they offer. You could even have a meeting with a local client at a dining spot or cafe that they recommend.

3) Rent a Temporary Office Space

If you have to be in a certain locale for a few weeks or over a month, you will definitely need somewhere to work from. After all, hotels and coffee shops aren’t the most productive settings. If you are travelling to the UK, ask your employer about renting one of the many cheap serviced offices in London. These can be found with short-term rental contracts so you can secure yourself a place to work while you are on your business trip. If your company has the budget for this, it is a very good idea to utilise one of these temporary corporate locations during your travels.

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4) Try and Meet the Locals

Another way that you can get more out of your corporate adventures is by speaking to the locals in whatever city you find yourself in. This can simply be the staff at your hotel. In this way, you can find advice such as:

  • Where the best places are to eat
  • How you can most easily get around
  • Any peculiarities in local culture

Again, this is a method of experiencing the new area you’re in without taking too much time from your busy company schedule. You can even research before you depart, using the thousands of websites on business travel. In this way, you’ll get the most out of your time in the foreign land without offending anyone while there. This will also be useful when meeting clients as you’ll know exactly how to act.

5) Apply to All Frequent Flyer Programs

Lastly, it is important to take a little extra back for yourself. The moment you know which airlines you’ll be flying with, make an application for their frequent flyers program. If you travel often enough, you’ll accumulate enough points to then book your own leisure holiday for free later on. In this way, you can revisit any locations you didn’t have enough time for sightseeing in or even just head somewhere new.

These five tips will help you get more out of your next overseas business trip. As you can see, the right preparations and motivation will then give you an experience that you can actually enjoy!

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