Learning to pack the essentials before an international trip

by A Saha,

Passports and travel documentsWhen Peter got his first job assignment where he needed to travel to an international destination, he was baffled as what and how things would be. He had never traveled to any foreign land before and so going abroad made him quite nervous. He consulted travel experts in this regard and they provided some really helpful tips to Peter. Well, these are tips that are not only applicable for him, but for all who are traveling aboard. These packing essentials will help in making the international trip smooth without any kinds of problems and hassles:

  • Passports and travel documents – It is quite obvious that when you are traveling to an international destination, having a passport is mandatory. Make sure that your passport is valid for minimum 6 months, without which obtaining a visa (if required) might become a problem. If the validity is within 6 months, go for passport renewal before your journey.

It is also recommended to make copies of the passport and keep one copy at home or with a relative. Even while traveling, copies of passports should be kept at different places in the luggage so that in case of lost or stolen passport, the copies can be of help for getting a new passport. Papers of travel insurance or other travel documents should also be carried safely with copies of the same.

  • Medical kit with essential drugs – International traveling can make you little sick in the beginning. Headaches, stomach upsets are some of the common problems that travelers face. Instead of looking for a pharmacist or medicine store in a foreign country, it is recommended to carry your own medical kit with some essential drugs that you are used to. If there are medications that you take regularly, make sure to pack them in the kit.
  • Plug adapter – It is recommended to go for plug adapters which have a plug input as well as a USB port. These adapters are very useful for charging laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. Voltage adapter is not required for these devices. Make sure that the devices that you charge are labeled at 110-240 volts at 50-60 Hertz.
  • Printed formats of all travel confirmations – Whether it is confirmation for your flight booking or your hotel booking, most of them come on your e-mail. You might be confident that the bookings are in place but to find the reverse on going there. The best part is to have the confirmation e-mail printed and carried as evidence of your booking so that there are no confusions regarding the same in any way.
  • Toiletries and essential items – Many people think that they will purchase the toiletries on reaching their travel destination. But it is not safe always. You might not get the toiletries and essential items that you use in all places. So it is always recommended to carry them with you so that you do not have to compromise with the items.

Along with all these things, packing the right kinds of clothes is also important for international travel. Many people also like to carry a detailed map of the place to make sure that traveling is hassle free in the foreign country. Author is a consultant who provides advice on travel and passport related issues. He is presently associated with Thepassportoffice.com which is the most popular Passport expediting service in USA.

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