Korean Grill for a Quiet Meal after a Day at Disneyland Paris

    Koreana Restaurant

Koreana Restaurant

The Disney Parks and Village at Marne-La-Vallée have plenty of eating places, but if you feel the need to retreat to a cool, quiet and refreshing place, the KOREANA at Val d’Europe might fit the bill.

One RER train stop or a five minute bus ride or car-run will take you to from Disneyland to Val D’Europe Shopping Centre and Outlet Village in Serris, a modern village in continuous development, home to many of the Disneyland cast members. The RER station is called “Serris-Val d’Europe/Montévrain” and lies on the RER B running between Marne La Vallée (Disney) and Paris (Gare de Lyon, Chatelet-les-Halles).

Just outside the large shopping centre is Place de Toscane, where a variety of restaurants offer French, Italian, Spanish cuisine. For a more secluded atmosphere, there is KOREANA.

If the fresh orchids displayed in all the windows and the shiny black and lilac décor inside seem cold and impersonal, you may not want to enter this place, and you could miss having a meal that is simple and fun, completely enjoyable.

Each table is equipped with an inset grill, spotless and shining. It will be lit if you order a plate of fish, meat or vegetables ready cut into small thinnish pieces for grilling. These little slices are fairly easily handled with the supplied chopsticks. A fork is not offered but you can ask for one if you really want it.

Besides the grills, you can order hot soup, which is served on a sort of brazier – not the best thing if you have a wriggling toddler on your knee – white rice, and dishes typical of oriental cooking such as the delicious mandu (steamed ravioli).

This restaurant is not ideal for young children. After days of Disneyland this may be what you were looking for, if you have someone to look after your little ones. Yes, take the grandparents with you to Disney!

Older children will enjoy the fun of the mini-barbecue. The plates of beef, pork or chicken come without dressing, look and taste very fresh, and those on gluten-free or sugar-free diets don’t have to worry about how they have been cooked.

The service is efficient and polite, not chatty or informal. There are no tablecloths (incompatible with the inlaid grill) but the place is clean, orderly and quiet.

A variety of French wines are available, and rather expensive. I noted that the place setting has only one glass. When I asked for separate glasses for water, they were supplied immediately, however I felt that considering the price level, compared with nearby restaurants, and the formal, adult type interior, wine and water glasses should be set by default.

The restaurant is on ground level and easily accessible. Being slightly more expensive than most of the surrounding restaurants, it seems fairly easy to get a table even without a reservation.


18 Place de Toscane

F 77700 SERRIS

Tel. +33 1 60048708

Price range 20-35 €
or more depending on wine
Parking Not in Place de Toscane itself, but the Commercial Centre has a large car park.

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