India: Your Next Stop for the World’s Best Yoga Retreats

Do you feel overworked? If your body and mind just screamed a resounding YES, it’s time to take a break. And what better place to recharge and recuperate than in India. That country is a treasure trove of relaxing yoga retreats and ashrams that’ll have to introspect all the way into your past life!

The first visit to an Indian yoga retreat is like a breath of fresh air. Spend a few weeks at one, and you’ll see that it’s so much more efficient at helping you relax and rejuvenate than a simple stay-at-home break. You’ll be able to disconnect from the everyday routine of your life and rediscover the things that matter to you.

Yoga retreats are popping up all over the world thanks to the recent focus on wellness in the last few years. However, India remains the leader, offering the world’s best yoga retreats with handpicked yoga courses, meditation classes, and nature activities.

What is a yoga retreat?

Yoga is so much more than just physical exercise that has you twisting and bending your body in awkward poses named after animals. With regular practice, it can help you better understand your inner self and ensure a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle.

A yoga retreat is where life slows down in a calm, idyllic location set up away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can soak up nature and spend time with yourself. The best yoga retreats are a lifestyle experience, providing you with a schedule of events such as yoga classes and meditation sessions. They can also plan nutritious meals and help visitors detox while on their spiritual journey. Of course, there’ll also be plenty of time to just reconnect with nature. By the time you’re done with a retreat, you’ll be energized and ready to hit the ground running.

India is special because it’s the birthplace of this divine practice

Yes, India is where it all started. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit yuj, which means to “bring together or unite with the spirit of the universe.” The practice of yoga is intended to combine man and universe, aligning body, mind, and spirit for ultimate peace.

India gave birth to the Indus Valley Civilization thousands of years ago, and archaeologists who study it have unearthed evidence of yoga being practiced then, as well. And now, several centuries later, India continues to be home to revered gurus and teachers of yoga, some of whom have opened up their yoga retreats as well.

Ashrams, retreats, and dharamshalas of India – The best of the best!

Whether you’re a hobby yoga practitioner or someone who’s just heard that word for the first time, India will welcome you with open arms. These retreats offer classes for everyone regardless of their abilities, complete with expert yoga instructors who focus on your needs.

Your yoga teacher will help you achieve your wellness goals, and the retreat staff will help enhance the effectiveness of all your efforts with personalized healthy diets and spa treatments. And with this comprehensive approach to your personal and professional well-being, they’ll ensure that you go home ready to take on the world!

The BKS Iyengar School of Yoga, located in Pune, is quite possibly the most popular destination for yoga holidays in India. Other notable mentions include the Pan-Indian Sivananda Centre and Pattabhi Jois’ Centre for Yoga in Mysore. These retreats are named after some of the most celebrated yoga teachers. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, somewhat off-the-beaten-path, these are our picks:

The Ananda Spa in the Himalayas

Imagine achieving nirvana while surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. The Ananda is built over an exquisite property filled with beautiful trees and fragrant flowers. The refreshing location offers pure air and clear water. You can practice Hatha Yoga, a style of yoga that was perfected in the Bihar School of Yoga. Of course, the teachings are customized to your personal learning needs and level of expertise. Transport yourself into the world, as it was meant to be. Check out the website for this exclusive yoga retreat.

Coimbatore’s Isha Yoga

Coimbatore in southern India is also home to some scenic mountains. The Isha Yoga Centre offers a genuinely distinctive program that involves yoga and meditation. The center is built beautifully, the architecture is unique and coupled with the mountains, this place becomes magical. The yoga instructors have one job: To have you experience the transformative power of yoga, creating an experience that you’ve never felt before. A yoga retreat there will make you a happier and stronger person. To learn more about Isha Yoga, visit their website here.

Ashiyana Yoga and Spa in Goa

Goa is known for its beautiful scenic beaches. The popular tourist destination also has some wonderful yoga retreats nicely tucked away in secluded areas. Mandrem Beach, for example, is located at the northernmost edge of Goa. If you need more than just a yoga retreat, something like a yoga vacation where you can rest and soak up the sun maybe shop around a little bit as well, then this is your thing. Ashiyana yoga offers personalized yoga courses, as well as drop-in sessions that you can attend at will. Accommodation ranges from beach huts to VIP suites, so you can vacation the way you like. Their website has more information.

Final words: yoga is a lifestyle

Finally, when selecting your yoga retreat in India, also find out what style of yoga they practice. That way, you can be comfortable with what you’re about to learn and experience.

Your yoga teacher will encourage you to adopt a simple life. Don’t be afraid of gardening, kitchen work, or a simple diet. It can be daunting at first, but the yoga retreat life can alter your thought and your destiny, so your comfort is a small price to pay indeed. Happy vacationing!

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