How Traveling Saved My Marriage and My Family

I’ve traveled a lot in my life, having journeyed on a shoe-string budget as a single woman to moving with my husband and two young children to cities we would only call home for six months. I’ve also learned a lot along way, not only about myself but traveling with others. Although the following lessons I’m about to share may be simple for some, or obvious to others, when put into practice they can make you, your spouse and your family be closer.

  1. Traveling requires you and your spouse to be more than just married. You have to be partners, best friends and trusted confidants. Good communication is
  2. There’s no room for fighting or yelling with each other, after all you’re probably sharing small spaces for extended periods of time.argument-238529_960_720
  3. Be close to one another while still giving the other plenty of personal space and quiet time.
    Closer to one another, Credit -

    Closer to one another, Credit –

  4. Master the art of give and take.
    Art of giving and taking, Credit- reviewjournal

    Art of giving and taking, Credit- reviewjournal

  5. Adapt to new situations without stress and anxiety.adapt a situation
  6. Appreciate the little things you had once taken for granted at home, such as a home-cooked meal.
    Home cooked meal, Credit- greenmomguide

    Home cooked meal, Credit- greenmomguide

  7. Budget as a family and make the most of your travel-dollar.
    Budget travel, Credit-savvysassymoms

    Budget travel, Credit-savvysassymoms

  8. Evaluate how much stuff you don’t really need. Kids can become as savvy as their parents when it comes to packing light and not buying all those little trinkets.
    travel with ease, Credit- lovetaza

    travel with ease, Credit- lovetaza

  9. Teach others and learn about different cultures.tradition-819573_960_720
  10. Love and support one another; talk and play together, and plan as one family

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  • I believe that traveling can make or break a relationship. Responsibilities, stress or even small things that can irritate the couple, it can cause issues for sure. Though experiences can bring the couple closer than ever! I love your article!


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