How to Vacation With a Baby: A No Tears Approach

vacationing with a baby

vacationing with a baby

by Miles Young,

Whether you have a newborn or a baby that’s a few months old, or even a toddler, that is no reason to put your travel adventures on hold. With just a bit of planning and preparation, you can enjoy your vacation.

Perks of Traveling with Baby

You may not realize it, but traveling with your little one can present some surprising benefits. Who doesn’t love a little flannel bundle. For example, if you’re on one of any Celebrity Cruises, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by people who you could strike up a conversation with all because of that tiny tot. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Preparations for Travel

Making the right preparations well in advance of your trip can ease some of those potential tensions and situations that can create chaos on your trip. For instance, if you a traveling by air, make sure you check with your airline about its policies and procedures concerning babies. You want to make sure that your tot is as comfortable as possible—which will make your trip a success. You may even find that you can receive discounts on your flight when traveling with the baby. Other things you want to know about are diaper changing facilities, as well as any meals that you may need for your child.

Traveling by Car

car travelIf you are going to be making a road trip with your child, one of the essentials you’ll need is a comfortable car seat. Nothing can make a baby (or parents) more cranky than an uncomfortable seat. Make sure it is secured properly and allows some freedom of movement. Also, make sure your child is out of direct sunlight during your drive. Perhaps give him or her a bonnet or hat to shield him from the sun. Apply sunscreen if needed.

Bring The Essentials

You definitely want to make sure that you pack all of the necessary items for your travels. This goes past the usual diaper bag or tote that carries those day-to-day items. Make sure you includes such items as:

  • A first aid kit – You never know if your little one will need a bandage for scrapes and scratches.
  • Essential clothing—You never know when the weather might change, so be sure to pack for any weather.
  • Food and snacks—Nothing is worse that a cranky baby who just needs a little snack. Pack water, juice and other tasty treats that can keep your baby satisfied.
  • Entertainment—Provide age-appropriate games and other entertainment to keep your little one amused during the journey.

Make It a Home Away From Home

If your child has many familiar objects around him, it will make him less stressed and traveling will be much easier. Bring along his blanket, favorite stuffed toys and maybe a favorite outfit. He’ll feel at ease with the familiar items around him. See? Just a little planning and you and your family can soon be on your way to a fun and memorable trip.

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