How to vacation in your own hometown



During the summer months ,many of us look forward to a relaxing break in sunny climes to help wash away the stresses and strains of every day life. However , considering where to vacation during the credit crunch can be a decision fraught with anxiety. In fact for many the option of any holiday may just be too expensive, leaving you with the apparently unenviable option of holidaying at home.

At first glance , this may certainly seem to be a negative option. In modern times many of us , due to the falling price of air travel, are used to having the ability to jet off here, there and everywhere. Having to consider our home town as an option feels like a disappointment. However, it is certainly possible to have a very fulfilling and interesting holiday in the immediate area to your home.

1.To begin with, many of us forget about the positive aspects of where we live. We may not consider the local art galleries, shops , exhibition centres or attractions as worthy of a visit because they are on our door step.We may not even be aware of the attractions that our area has to offer. If this is the case, now is the perfect opportunity to do some research about your local area. Many libraries offer free Internet use for members , so it is certainly worth joining if only to find out , what your area has to offer. Another very important port of call is your local town information centre. Not only do the workers provide friendly advice , but they usually stock a variety of leaflets concerned with local attractions which are free and you can take away with you to read at your leisure. To find out about attractions in your area look at This website is for the UK only but you will find an equivalent service wherever you live.

2.It is also worth reading your local newspaper to see if there are any up and coming musical or theatrical events. There are often many amateur presentations which are either free or very cheap to watch and can be of an extremely high standard. I used to live in a sea side town and often found variety or comedy shows to watch in the local theatre which were both entertaining and reasonably priced. Another idea , if not with children, is to visit your local bar or pub to see if there is any live music . There is a great variety of music available on the pub circuit with something for everyone and usually for only the price of a drink.

3. If you aren’t particularly enamoured with museums or music and are more interested in the great outdoors , it is worth researching local walks and beauty spots. Although many of us aren’t lucky enough to live in the country side , it is possible to reach a rural setting fairly quickly and easily whether it be by car, bike or train . It’s possible to make your country walk that little bit more special by organising a picnic of special treats. It does not have to be expensive , but it can really lift the day and make it fun.

I think most important aspect of making your hometown in to your perfect holiday destination is having a positive attitude to your situation. Having an ice cream on the beach a  or a visit to a local gallery can be fun and special if you take the right spirit. So have a happy holiday and enjoy it whether it be in the Bahamas or your own back garden.

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