How to Turn Your Travels into Profit

by Sarah Del Rosario,

A bored employee locked in a corporate world with an itching feet dying to go out and explore the world but stuck behind the desk and drowned by tons of paper works. Can you picture yourself in this situation? Many of us dream of pursuing a jetsetter lifestyle, immerse to different cultures, and taste different delicacies. However, we can’t just simply leave our job for good. That’s why we have no other choice but to make the most of annual vacation leaves instead.

vacationIs it really possible to go on a journey anywhere you wish to and still be able to provide food on your plate and roof over your head? Yes it is, but, it’s difficult. It’s only for the courageous, innovative, and enthusiastic. If those three qualifications are present with you, then follow these tips so you could start making money out of your own travel adventures.

1. Create a travel blog

bloggerYou might thought that this first tip is predictable and already overrated. But, believe it or not, travel blog sites are guaranteed money makers and worthy investment of time and effort. Starting a blog is easy, but maintaining it is the tough part. This case is true most especially to travel themed blogs since you need to regularly fill it with fresh adventures. This is the reason why only few travel blog sites remain to be consistent. If you’ve proven that your credibility as blogger, your site will attract advertisers and sponsors that will pay for all your travel expenses.

2. Sell souvenir items from your trip

handcraft-737270_960_720Many people are willing to buy authentic items from different countries. It can be food, figurines, traditional wears, or even just keychains. They simply want to have that “I’ve been there” feeling. But they cannot do so due to some circumstances, therefore, they just settle for souvenir items. Let everyone know ahead of time where you’re going and inform them about the possible items you could purchase for them.

3. Be a travel guide

First time travellers would likely hire a travel guide. They don’t want to waste their time, money, and effort in missing the essential part of the trip and literally getting lost in places. You could make a simple advertisement on your Facebook page along with a collage of the places you’ve been. Aside from the knowledge, you must also have that pleasing personality so that your clients would refer you to other people.

4. Take epic photos and sell it online

old-1130731_960_720Sites such as Flickr, DevianArt, Picasa, and many others showcase photos from different genres. These photos can be purchased by someone who wants to use it for blogging, website design, and other purposes. You don’t have to spend money in studying photography. All you need is instinct and a decent camera. Landscapes, cultures, and exotic places are selling like hotcakes nowadays.

5. Write a book about your travels

writing-923882_960_720It can be about the cultures from the places you went to, how you survive the hindrances you face, or a simple travel guide – anything that you feel right. You can start writing a book the moment you start travelling. Keep a journal in the form of recording, video, or via normal diary. This will keep your memory fresh from all the experiences you had. If you’re not confident about your literary skills, you could always hire someone to write it for you.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and visit those places on the postcards you’ve posted on your cubicle.

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