How to Take the Best Vacation Photographs — Secrets from a Professional Photographer

The evolution of camera technology has grown exponentially in recent years. Not only do we have digital single-lens reflex camera, or DSLR, ranging in sizes and prices, but we also have a handy camera on our smartphone. Regardless of the device you’re using to capture the perfect moment, here are some answers to the most popular questions I hear as a professional photographer.model-993907_960_720-1

Q: What is the advantage of taking pictures with my smartphone vs DSLR?

A: DSLRs are always better and provide much higher quality. However, you can capture good images with your smartphone, too. The main thing is the use of good light and focus.

Smartphone vs DSLR

Smartphone vs DSLR

Q: What is the best resolution for taking a picture?

A: Resolution is all about light versus speed. Turn your shutter speed up. If it’s not fast enough, the photo will be blurred. Also, make sure the camera is focused and that you concentrate on making the picture perfectly clear. If a photo is taken correctly, you’ll only need to do minor editing.

focused picture vs unfocused

focused picture vs unfocused

Q: What is the best way to take a picture? Just the object or people with the object?

A: Don’t put the focus in the middle, rather mix the scene you’re focus on. Sometimes not focusing on an object makes the overall image pic

Q: What is the best exposure for a photo?

A: Good sunlight is always the best. You can always remove light, but you can’t add it. If it’s dark, get a flash. Also, it’s a plus to take photographs early or later in the day, since midday pictures can become overexposed.

well exposed vs under exposed pictures

well exposed vs under exposed pictures

Q: Is it true that the selfie stick has replaced the tripod?

A: Not at all. A tripod helps keep a camera still. A selfie stick has lots of uses—they’re fun and easy to use and Go Pro works best. Take a look at some of my shots on Instagram: Bradhigginsphotography.

Selfie stick vs Tripod

Selfie stick vs Tripod

Q: How can I take the best pictures with a selfie stick?

A: There’s no best way. Do things differently and, of course, make sure the light is good. Don’t forget to hold the stick higher for the best images.selfie stick

Q: What smartphone would you recommend for taking good photographs?

A: 90% of all the smartphones on the market have good cameras now. It’s really all about seeing a good picture and capturing the light.

Q: What is the best editing software for pictures?

A: Photoshop is the best, and Camera Plus is good for smartphones. Instagram also has great tools.Share-6

Q: What is the best time to use the flash on my smartphone? Is it true that you should use the flash during the daytime for maximum exposure?

A: Use the flash anytime the image is dark. Dark pictures rarely look good.smartphone flash

Q: Should I avoid using digital zoom? What is the best solution?

A: Lenses are the most important part of a setup. The actual camera isn’t. Regardless of the cost, all cameras are about the same. My advice is to invest in lenses. Man times I rent lenses for certain shoots. The 2.8 – 200-400 mm is best for action. The 50 mm 1.2 is best for portraits.Share-7

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