How to get your holiday off to the perfect start

When planning your holiday, what you intend to do at your destination and where you intend to stay are usually top of the agenda. While these are undoubtedly important considerations to make, the secret to the perfect holiday is just as much about your point of departure as it is about your destination.


Here we look at how to get your holiday off to the perfect start.

Choose the right airport

The first choice you need to make is where to fly from. There are cheap flights available to and from Birmingham with Flybe for instance, but also to Bristol, Aberdeen, Humberside and other local airports so it’s important you look into these options carefully. Choosing to depart from an airport closer to home not only cuts down on travel time but also eliminates any unnecessary stress at the beginning of your holiday.

After all, you’re more likely to have a rough idea of where you’re going and what local traffic is going to be like, making you better prepared for the journey. Add on to that the fact that you won’t need to pay for overnight accommodation at the airport to ensure you make your flight on time and the benefits are evident.

Pack in advance

While there are certain items you won’t be able to pack until shortly before your trip, you can at least get a head-start on your holiday clothes. You may want to hold-off putting them into the suitcase until closer to your departure but you can begin earmarking outfits a week or two before.

Hang your holiday clothes at the other end of your wardrobe to keep them looking clean and crease-free and to stop you from wearing them before your trip. This will reduce the need for any last minute washing and make the process of packing the suitcase much more straightforward. Writing a list is also advisable and if you start this process a few weeks before your trip then you’ll have more time to think of all those little items that often get forgotten! You can find more great tips for holiday packing perfection here.

Sort your spending

The final preparation to make to get your holiday off to the perfect start is your spending money. Exchanging currency at the airport is notoriously expensive but there are alternative ways to carry holiday cash with you if you don’t want to exchange everything at a local bureau weeks before your trip.

A good idea is to convert a small amount of cash into the currency of your destination before leaving and carry the rest of your holiday spending money with you in an alternative form. Travellers cheques need to be signed to be redeemed overseas and are protected against theft, making them a good choice. You can also have them converted back into cash sterling should you return home without spending them. Alternatively, options such as prepaid travel cards can give you access to a set amount of pre-loaded money that will keep your holiday budget in check without forcing you to carry large sums of cash.

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