How to Book a Cheap Caribbean Vacation

A villa view from St. Barts

A villa view from St. Barts

by Cathy Stewart,

If you and your family have decided to vacation in the warm and sunny tropics, the Caribbean Islands is a wonderful idea. There is plenty to do with sightseeing, boating, cuisine, and festivals. Unfortunately, it can be a costly vacation as well. If you incorporate proper planning, there are ways to make a Caribbean vacation affordable. Here are 4 ways to book a cheap Caribbean vacation.

Ask Your Booking Agency for Special Accommodations

People believe that booking their vacations through online travel sites are always cheaper because they are supposed to be packaged and given good deals. While this is often true, you should make sure to develop a good relationship with the site as well. Find out what their best days are to reserve. For example, a hotel may offer their lowest deals on a Wednesday.

Be sure to ask the representative for rooms with kitchenettes so you can prepare your own meals. You’ll find it’s much more affordable than the hotel prepared meals. Once you get to the hotel and are settled in, ask the front desk to recommend a great place to grocery shop and get local foods. This allows you and your family a moment to experience some of the authentic cultures while shopping.

Check Social Media Sites

Another way to book a cheap Caribbean vacation is to check your social media sites. Most businesses have their own pages for customers to stay updated on what is going on with them. Many times they will post some of the best deals and exclusive offers.

Book Your Vacation during the Off Season
A panoramic view in Dominica

A panoramic view in Dominica

They don’t call it tourist seasons for nothing. Tourists usually leave their own country during colder months to visit the Caribbean Islands. They want to escape to a warm tropical island. Prices are generally inflated during the tourist seasons. You’ll find that booking a cheap Caribbean vacations package can be achieved during the non-tourist seasons as well as hurricane seasons. It’s risky because your flights can be delayed or canceled, but if you have the time to play around with, you can really see the savings. Ask your booking agency for more information regarding rescheduling if your flight gets canceled. You may be lucky to go during a better time because of this.

Book Using Your Rewards Points and Membership Programs

If you have frequent flyer points or reward program points with hotels, take advantage of those. The Caribbean can be expensive so you want to maximize on as many savings programs as you can. If you find a hotel you are interested in, check their website or give them a call to find out about their rewards programs. If you are scheduling far in advance, check with a few credit card offers. You may be able to gain a considerable amount of points to book your Caribbean vacation with. Don’t’ forget to see what discounts are offered through membership programs you may be a part of such as wholesale clubs or perks through your employer.


About the Author: This article is written by Cathy Stewart. Cathy is a professional travel writer who has published numerous articles throughout the web.

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