How to be Comfortable Flying

Inside a flight

Inside a flight

by Venice Kichura,

Tips for Packing for a Flight and Enjoying Your Trip

Although recent changes in airline policies have offered challenges to flyers, it’s still possible to have a comfortable, as well as enjoyable flight. Here are some tips.

Flying is becoming more challenging today with recent airline changes such as an additional charge for more than one checked-in bag. However, you can still be comfortable and enjoy your trip if you prepare, making some adjustments.

  • Don’t over pack– When packing, think, “less is better”. Not only will your suitcase be easier to pull (be sure you have luggage with wheels), but you won’t have to be charged if your luggage exceeds the limit of pounds allowed. In most cases, it’s 50 pounds.
  • If worried about running out of clothes you can always pack a small container of laundry detergent or find a laundromat.
  • Roll clothing – This saves space packing. To cut down on wrinkles, roll clothes in tissue paper.
  • Reduce toiletries – Either buy travel-sized toiletries or store small amounts of items such as shampoo and toothpaste in
  • Use dividers – If your suitcase doesn’t have a divider, use cardboard to separate clothing, making it
    neater and more compact. This also makes it easier if you have to unzip your luggage for inspection.
  • Split up valuables – If flying with a family member or friends, it’s wise to split up valuables, just in case a bag is temporarily lost.
  • Check the TSA websiteBefore leaving home, be sure you know which items are not permitted on board.
Carry-On Bags

Depending upon the airline and the airport, each passenger is allowed a certain amount of carry-on baggage. Try to choose bags that you don’t have to place in storage bins (but can be stored under a seat) because more and more passengers are competing for storage bin space due to added charges for checked in luggage.

Make sure the items you plan to use while on the plane are easily reachable. To ease the load of a backpack, place your lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top. This way the pack rests on your lower back. If you have several layovers on a long flight, pack a light change of clothes for comfort. Or, if the worst happens and you your luggage doesn’t arrive at your destination, at least you’ll have fresh, clean clothes while waiting for your suitcase to arrive. And, if you’re flying at night, pack a small container of toothpaste and soap to freshen up when you get to your next layover.

Wear Outfits with Pockets

Outfits with pockets are great for storing items you plan to use on the flight.

Choosing Comfortable Seats
  • Check in early – Check in at your airline counter as early as possible. This way you’ll have a better chance of getting a good seat, besides avoiding the stress of worrying about making a flight on time. If you frequently have to get up and go to the restroom, an aisle seat is better. It’s also easier to get out and stretch your legs, as well as take a walk.
  • Choose exit seats for long legs -If you’re long legged, then opt for an exit seat (if you don’t mind the added responsibilities in the event of an emergency.)
  • Fly at night – By flying at night, you’re more likely to have less passengers competing for seats. Often, you’re able to spread out carry-on luggage in a seat next to you if the plane isn’t full.
Pack Chewing Gum

Chewing gum not only helps with popping ears during take-off and landing, but also is good for preventing sinus headaches while in flight.

Most of all determine to have a positive attitude. Convince yourself you’re going to enjoy your flight, despite recent changes. If you take steps to prepare, your flight will be more enjoyable.

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