How I Became a Travel Writer: Devlin Westbrook

Devil12About Me:

I’ve been a writer the vast majority of my life.

To anyone that knows me, it should be no surprise that the subject matter I most often associate myself with is the genre of Horror. It has commanded my interests since infancy. That being said, I’m also a tad smitten with wanderlust and when combined, those two passions can compliment each other enormously.

My travels have taken me over the Atlantic three times, from coast to coast here in the U.S., and even a few times to both Mexico and Canada.

The best experiences I can think of as to why I do this is the joy of experience itself. I, myself, am a collector of memories and not everyone can say they’ve trekked around a place like Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado, after hours, nor have they been lost in the Bohemian Forest near Prague, the Czech Republic.

One key issue for me when I travel is that I always want to visit places with a haunted history or a connection to the paranormal. Living in San Diego, I almost feel exceptionally fortunate since there are so many haunted locations here, including the Hotel Del Coranado and the Whaley House in Old Town.

IMG_0034One of my favorite memories I’ve had while being a travel writer was when I did my best to conjure the spirit of one ‘Bloody’ George Mackenzie, of the Mackenzie Poltergiest fame, all alone at Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was midnight, after all of the Ghost Tours had ended, that I walked passed the iron entrance gates and Bobby, the statue of the Terrier renown for its loyalty to its owner, of the Mackenzie Mausoleum. Calling out his name a few times, I then walked to the Coventers’ Prison where, lo and behold, a thick mist began to appear. As the graveyard started to resemble something out of a Vincent Price film, George unfortunately did not humor me. But, the aura of Greyfriars was completely unforgettable.

IMG_0057Of course, let’s not forget two other reasons that can make the need to travel a necessity for anyone, namely food and wine. I can’t emphasize the feeling of bliss one has while sipping a large glass of Syrah Rosé in Solvang, California, or feasting on gruper in Naples, Florida. Just a few months ago, I had the best Po’ Boy sandwich of my life while exploring the city of Portland, Oregon.

IMG_0048Considering the magic and enchantments my travels have brought to me, I wouldn’t change one instance of any of them, even though I have had my share of embarrassing moments. It’s an endeavor I would definitely recommend to anyone, regardless of passion or profession. My only true complaint of it is that I can’t be everywhere at once!

How do you decide what to write about?

Everything I write about comes to me almost by accident. There’s really no set plan. It always depends on where I decide to visit and if that coincides with my interests.


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