How I Became a Travel Writer: Barbara Barton Sloane

About Me:

Me in Ireland

Me in Ireland

I became a travel writer out of necessity; that is, my background is Beauty & Fashion writing. However, I was invited on a travel press trip that needed an Assignment.  I researched newspapers in my area, and the first number that came up was – to this day – one of my travel editors. Without knowing me, he was kind enough to say “yes.” He wanted to look at my upcoming travel story and further, he would email me an assignment so that I could participate in the press trip. Rest is, as they say,–

me in St. Petersburg Four Seasons

me in St. Petersburg Four Seasons

One of the best things that has happened to me through travel is that I was able to face some of my fears, like climbing up a vertical red rock mountain in Utah (never rock-climbed) and flying over the jungle canopy in Puerto Vallarta on a zip line.  I’m basically hard-wired for cowardice, and these events had me confronting some scary things – and staying alive! Another time, hiking a mountain in Switzerland, I found it so challenging that I lagged behind my entire group.  I felt embarrassed and tried mightily to keep up.  Finally, seeing the futility in this, I realized that the group would not leave me stranded on the mountain.  In fact, I knew I could slow down, smell the wildflowers, take in the impossibly beautiful scenery, and at the end of the trail, the group would be there, waiting.  They were, and my hike was, thus, happy and rewarding.

Me in Tahiti

Me in Tahiti

How do I decide what to write about?

It’s all dictated by the invitations that I receive from destinations; if I accept, that is the travel story, I’ll write.

One of the funniest/strangest things that has ever happened to me: in the Sea of Cortes, on a small boat called a panga, I found myself surrounded by several gargantuan gray whales, one so close that I was able to put out my hand and pet its head.  Memorable, to be sure.            

The whales in the Sea of Cortes offer thrills galore!Pros and cons of travel writing: all pros, no cons with one exception: though I fly the globe constantly, my fear of flying remains.  That’s not fun.

The author up close and personal with the grand A380

The author up close and personal with the grand A380

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  • Wow, you have done amazing. Do you get to go places you really like or sometimes you go to places you are hesitant to go?
    And How do you deal with family life? Finally what’s your perception of the traveling?

    • Thanks for your interest. Nine years down the road I’ve learned to limit my press visits just to destinations where I know I won’t be uncomfortable. No prob with traveling constantly & family…kids out of the house & husband a photographer so at times he accompanies me to take my images. Re: travel..its the best, think everyone would agree!

  • This sure is an interesting story. It seems like you are having everyone’s dream. Getting paid to travel the world. I got some great tips from you for my future ventures. Thanks for letting everyone know how you became a travel writer.

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