How Arizona Golf Nuts Can Avoid Going Nuts on a Golf Trip



If your golf trips usually start with good intentions but end up with a club hurled across the green, you might want to review ways to keep golfing fun in Arizona. Fun courses are those “that test but do not torment you…make you think, but do not make you think about quitting,” according to Golf Digest. A fun course is the main element, but other aspects factor in to a grand golfing experience in the Grand Canyon State.

Pick a course that matches your personality

Golf-course guides from web sites, such as, are good resources to help ensure you’ll end up with a fun golf course, like the Wigwan Golf Resort on the west side of Phoenix. Check out the number of holes, par, online ratings, slope rating and overall layout of the course to determine if you’ll actually enjoy it.

Get there in style

nEmbarking on a golf road trip in a vehicle that can’t handle your load is akin to using a putter for a tee shot. It’s not going to get you very far and it’s not going to be very pretty. Opt for a sturdy, roomy SUV. Arizona Chevrolet dealerships are stocked with tough trucks and SUVs that can easily haul your clubs, accessories, coolers, and even several of your golfing buddies. Even though taking your clubs might feel like traveling with a ball and chain, bringing them is usually worth the effort.

Check out stay and play options

Trekking across the state only to play a game and then making the long haul back home can be ridiculous. recommends looking into stay and play options. Resorts offer discounted pricing if you stay overnight after playing a round. Even hotels without golf courses may offer discounts at nearby courses. If the resort comes with plenty of other activities, you can even bring the family. Your spouse can’t complain you’re once again heading off on your own trip for yet another round of golf.

Mind your tee time

The earlier the tee time the better, especially during Arizona’s summer. The stay and play option may come with exclusive golf course access, or the best tee times for resort guests, says. Don’t even think about playing in the afternoon in places like Yuma, Tucson or the Phoenix area. Not only will the hellish heat flatten you, monsoon and dust storms will end your round quickly. Mixing wide open spaces and metal rods with lightning don’t generally yield good results.

Know the wildlife

It’s not unusual for javelina or even rattlesnakes to stalk Arizona golf courses, so find out the types of golf-course wildlife you may encounter. Ask the clubhouse folks if you’re not sure. The key to effectively golfing with wild critters is to expect them, respect them, and call the clubhouse if you need help.

Hopefully, the help you should need during your Arizona golf trip is where to celebrate after your awesome game. Here once again is where the stay and play option could be a major plus, especially with your spouse in tow. And you won’t have to drive home after a few celebratory drinks.

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