Hotel Horror Stories



This is a story about a budget traveler’s first winter vacation in the sun and being just such a budget traveler, I decided to take my first winter vacation in the sun during the off season; that is mid June.

The fight arrived arrived at dusk or a little earlier. Standing in the hallway of the airport were tour guides( for a lack of a better description)holding signs to let know where to board the bus that would take us to our hotel. We, the budgets travelers,were taken from the airport to our hotels in what was an antiquity of Mexican life, a relic of Mexican transportation in which only the summer ocean breeze would whisk away the sweat dripping down our brows(a slight exaggeration). The bus drove along a well lit boulevard that ran through what was called the hotel zone, turning off onto a dimly lit side road,stopping in front of a small hotel. There is a bit of advice some seasoned travelers offer; don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed.

My first impression of the hotel was, if you have not already guessed, not too favorable. I sat, for a for a moment, looking out the window of the bus at the entrance to this hotel. My first reaction… What? Was this going to be the hotel where I would rest my head after a long day at the beach? What about the broacher? The picture was certainly nice.

This  first impression may have well been affected(somewhat) by the view from the bus,this wonderful antiquity of Mexican transportation as it drove along the well lit boulevards of hotels located along the white sands of the Atlantic.  My expectations heightened, I sat for a moment looking out through the widow at what was the barley visible entrance to my hotel. With some effort I picked up my baggage, stepped off the bus,walked up to the entrance and went inside.

The front desk clerk who I assumed was Mexican for no other reason than I was in Mexico, checked me in and sent me off to my room. While walking down a dimly lit hallway that lead to my room I noticed something walking on the walls, or rather I noticed a lot of things walking on the walls. The sight of these things crawling along the wall brought me to a full stop. I stood for a moment looking at them,trying to see what there were.after this short moment. I decided that was unimportant. What was important was that they were there, and they were not part of the vacation package.

The staff giggled a little at my somewhat heated reaction and seemed unmoved by what was in my mind cause enough to notify, if not the national guard than at least the cleaning staff. Somewhat confused by their reaction, I went back up to my room where, in a somewhat perturbed state, put tissues in sink,turned on the bathroom light, the air conditioner leaving both on day and night.

The next day, after walking on the beaches of the Atlantic, I went back to my hotel. Walking along the hallway to my room I noticed nothing on the walls but paint. In my room I noticed my clothes which had been left on the bed, the floor, the bathroom(another slight exaggeration)had been neatly placed in the closet and in my drawer and …..there were no little things crawling around, any where!

I spent my first winter vacation in the sun, during the off season,that was mid June, walking along the white beaches of the Atlantic, sometimes sneaking a rest on chairs reserved for those guest in hotels located along the ocean and sleeping in a hotel room, not only air condition, but kept clean.

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