Hoo-Rag Bandana Challenge Review

Hoo-Rags have become a leader in revolutionary headwear since it was founded in 2012. To find out how we felt, we were approached by a company representative to tryout their face-coverings called Hoo-rags. According to the Hoo-rag website, they are a multi-use face/mask bandana. To be honest, this was my first time using a bandana of any kind. The website claims that these bandanas are seamless, can be worn in 15 different ways, and can be used for a multitude of different activities and sports. This sounds like a challenge and that is right up my ally, I just hope Hoo-rags are ready for what I have in store for them.

Hoo Rags Women’s Bandana- credit hoo rag.com

To start the challenge, we took Hoo-rags to various stores to see if they could be a more comfortable alternative to masks. I know this is not how anyone expected me to start this challenge but to be honest the first thing that came to mind with the current situation is to find something more comfortable and convenient than the conventional mask we were currently using. First, I want to say that the fabric is thin and light making it comfortable to wear for long shopping trips, although it takes a few minutes to find the comfortable sweet spot where it is not only comfortable but stays up no matter which way you turn your head. These Hoo-rags were so comfortable that a couple of times I forgot I had it on and ended up wearing it in the house. Not only was it comfortable but it was also not as hot as masks, and much easier to breathe in which is really important in the unforgiving heat of Southern California. Unfortunately, my kids did not find the Hoo-rags as comfortable as I did and found the masks easier to use.

Next, we took the Hoo-rags to the beach. My husband is sensitive to the sun and loved how the bandana could be used to cover his head and neck, two areas that seem to burn easily. The kids wore them in the ocean to see how good they would hold up to water. The Hoo-rags were superstars in the water never stretching or getting tighter, which was good because the kids were wearing them around their necks. What was even better is when worn wet on the neck they cool the body down, something everyone at the beach would appreciate. At the end of the day the sandy, sweaty Hoo-rag bandanas were easily cleaned in water and after they dried, they looked almost new.

The next day we took with us to play tennis, hoping to find new ways to use our Hoo-rags. It was a crazy windy day, which is typical for the Southern Califonia Desert. You would think hitting the ball in the wind would be the hardest part, but in reality, it is keeping your hair and sweat out of your eyes. My daughter has her hair down to the top of her thighs and the ponytail she was wearing was not doing anything to keep her long mane in control. I took one of the Hoo-rags and used it to hold a messy bun on the back of her head, something that is nearly impossible with most hair accessories. The Hoo-rag was up to the challenge holding her insane amount of hair tightly against a competitive tennis game and tree bending wind. I used mine as a headband to keep my short hair back while my husband and my son put them on their foreheads, almost ninja-like, but instead of fighting off enemies, it kept the sweat out of their eyes.

The last day we took the Hoo-rags out on a hike, where we had heat and wind again, sounds like a broken record but this is the reality of our lives living in the Southern California desert. We all used the Hoo-rags to cover our heads and necks a first, but on the way back down the wind kicked up sand and we quickly found ourselves gasping for breath against mouthfuls of sand. We all moved the Hoo-rags back to our faces to stop the barrage of whipping sand, these little bandanas were a lifesaver.

I can say that we enjoyed our Hoo-rag challenge and excited to continue using them. They are not only light and easy to wear but also come in a large variety of styles and designs. They even have designs with faces on them, giving the wearing a fun statement. If there are any other outdoor travelers like us I would recommend picking up a few of these. If interested just head over to their website.

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