Home Styling Tips Inspired by the Florida Keys

Do you want your home interior to resemble a Floridian island resort? It’s possible with the many imaginative designs on the market today. Here are six tips to transform living spaces to make you feel like you live in the Florida Keys.


Florida Keys, Cr- Flickr by Joe Shlabotnik

If you want a casual and “beach-look” sitting room, use white wicker furniture and garnish them with cushions and pillows in sandy, muted tones. Mix shades of light browns, whites and blues, or find striped pillows that use all of these colors. Top off the room with a ceiling fan — bamboo fans work nicely.

For the windows, use sheer white curtains with tiebacks to match your pillow/cushion décor. Wooden rolling shades offer a nice contrast.

Go Tropical

Many of the homes in the Florida Keys use vibrant tropical colors like orange, yellow, deep blue and green. Turn your bedroom into a tropical sleeping area with comforters and sheet sets in contrasting bright colors and make sure to use tons of accent pillows.

Find furniture that’s white or a light wood or wicker color and decorate them with shells, colored bottles full of potpourri and tropical plants. Use bamboo shades on windows to complete the look.

Fun Dining Areas

Skip the traditional table and chairs and find simple designs and paint them in blue or green. Use bamboo placemats and centerpieces full of tropical flora and fauna — you can find these at most craft stores.

Instead of standard silver cutlery, buy forks, knives and spoons in bright colors. If you want to mix it up a bit, paint four of your dining chairs one color and head table chairs another.

Go Flamingo

On a trip to Florida, get inspired by a visit to the Flamingo Visitor Center in the Everglades, just north of the Keys. With a revived inspiration, decorate your game room using flamingos in all sizes and colors. You can find flamingos in metal, plaster and wooden.

Be sure to include other reptiles you’ll see like alligators and large turtles. Decorate the room in comfortable over-sized furniture in durable fabrics, such as weaves, and make sure you choose colors that match your décor. Brownish green gives off a “jungle” look, while simple browns and beiges can be used to offset the color of the animal accents.

Cool Kitchens

Kitchens in the Florida Keys are surprisingly simple. Do the same with your kitchen by painting the walls white and install wainscoting to break up the walls. Paint the wainscoting in alternating white and blue colors.

Install smooth finish white wooden cabinets with silver hardware. Skip stainless steel or black appliances and buy all white. Top off your “simple” kitchen with colorful vases placed on counters and tables.

Sunny Bathrooms

You may have a white tub, toilet, and sink, but it’s easy to turn any bathroom or powder room into a sultry, sunny world that screams Florida.

Install a deep blue shower curtain that pops with tropical fish and sea life. Change the light shades in your bathroom to bright-colored shades. Find blue, green or orange rugs. For sink accessories, find brilliant colored toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Change out your shampoo and conditioner bottles to clear glass bottles and allow their natural colors to flow through.

Any room in your home can pop with Florida Keys décor if you put a little thought into the design. Use these six tips to inspire your design!

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