Hockey, Biking, Jetting the Rapids and Star Wars: A Guy’s Guide to Montreal

2010 12 Janvier- Shooting Musée (Brochure Marketing #1)

2010 12 Janvier- Shooting Musée (Brochure Marketing #1)

Montreal is a place where everybody can find something they like. Family activities, fun for kids, girlfriend getaways, free concerts for music fans – this city has it all, including things guys will like. Here’s a list of activities for guys to try while in Montreal.

Canadiens Hall of Fame and Bell Centre Tour – The first thing most men think of when they hear Montreal is the history-making hockey team. Since 1909, the Canadiens have been the premiere team in the NHL, winning 24 Stanley Cup titles along the way. That’s a lot of history, and it’s all packed into the Canadiens Hall of Fame (514-925-7777), which combines lots of old equipment, uniforms and other interesting things with 21st Century technology in the form of huge touch screens where fans can look up Montreal legends.

The Hall is connected to the Bell Centre where the Canadiens play their home games, and tours take you to the locker-room, press box and even right down to ice level. The Hall and Bell Centre are open year-round, so even if you go to Montreal in the off-season, there’s still time for hockey. To hear more about about the Canadiens Hockey Hall of Fame, click [here] to listen to our interview with the Hall of Fame and the Bell Centre.

Jet Boating the Lachine Rapids – Pack a towel and a change of clothes when you go on this tour with Saute Moutons (514-284-9607) because the boat drivers don’t hesitate to go right into the waves to create maximum drenching. They provide all sorts of clothing and equipment to protect you, but no matter how much you put on, you will get wet.

Bike Tours – Riding a bike is a great way to get out and explore a city, and having a tour guide along to explain where you are and where you’re going makes it even better. Montreal is an especially bike-friendly city, with lots of two-way bike lanes on the major streets. My Bicyclette (877-815-0150) provides tours and does rentals. Their tour takes you on a three-hour adventure through Montreal’s different neighborhoods, with stops along the way to tell about the history and get tastes of great food from local shops. Montreal also has a BIXI bike system. Bikes are stationed around the city, and you can walk up and use a credit card to rent one, take it to another BIXI station and drop it off. The cost is minimal as long as you only use the bikes for short trips.

Star Wars Identities – Every guy has some geek in him, and you can geek out at the “Star Wars Identities” exhibit, housed at the Montreal Science Center (877-496-4724) through Sept. 16, 2012. Visitors are asked a series of questions throughout the exhibit and at the end are given the identity of an intergalactic character. Most importantly, you get to find out if you ended up on the “dark side.” Montreal and Edmonton are the only two cities where this exhibit will run.

From hockey, to adventure in the water, to outdoor activities, Montreal has something for every guy.

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