Hiking the North Lykken Trail

It was a splendid day for our second hiking adventure, spanning a challenging 1.65-mile trail from the base to the summit, located in the picturesque Palm Springs, California. With our family eager and ready to put our hiking skills to the test, we packed essentials like water and snacks, setting off on our journey at the early hour of 7 AM. As we started our hike, the sun gradually peeked through the dark clouds, casting gentle rays that provided a comforting warmth. A gentle breeze embraced us, motivating us to begin our ascent.

Beginning of the trail

The initial stretch of the Lykken trail is a steep uphill climb that spans half a mile. We summoned our inner strength and determination, successfully conquering this challenging portion without any hitches. Surprisingly, even the kids held their own. The mountains stood tranquil and serene; their peaks shrouded in a hazy veil of clouds. Gazing at the distant city below, we couldn’t help but marvel at the natural beauty surrounding us, feeling incredibly fortunate to call this place home.

hiking up the trail

Upon conquering the steep incline, we reached a massive rock adorned with a plaque commemorating a fellow nature enthusiast Carl Rose who cherished this spot. As we moved forward, the trail transitioned into a flatter, dustier path, granting us a brief respite from the arduous climb. We proceeded cautiously, mindful of rattlesnakes that often bask in the early morning sun. To pass the time, the kids engaged in lively conversations about various topics.

flatter area of the trail

Upon reaching the two-thirds mark of our hike, we decided to take a water break before continuing our journey. The trail was surprisingly deserted, with hardly anyone in sight, allowing us to relish the solitude and engage in uninterrupted conversations.

still climbing up the trail

Upon reaching the final leg of the trail, our excitement peaked as we discovered the renowned picnic tables where we could sit and savor the moment before our descent. The view from the top was nothing short of breathtaking. The sun had risen higher in the sky, but the heat had yet to become unbearable. It felt magical to stand at the pinnacle of the trail, having covered the 1.65-mile ascent in just an hour. After a brief 15-minute break, we prepared to descend.

Almost there

Descending meant navigating the undulating terrain, sometimes climbing up before descending further. The prospect of a sumptuous breakfast awaited us as a well-deserved treat for the kids after completing the trail. They sprinted down the hills, occasionally pausing to ensure we were keeping up. Remarkably, they had no complaints throughout the entire hike. As the sun grew stronger, beads of sweat began to trickle like raindrops. I could taste the salty sweat as it flowed from beneath my hat, dripped onto my glasses, and occasionally reached my lips. We pressed on without stopping until we reached the trail’s end, another 1.65 miles of downhill trekking. Astonishingly, we completed the entire trail, both the ascent and descent, in less than two hours. We encountered just a solitary hiker heading in the opposite direction during our entire descent, further adding to our sense of accomplishment on the North Lykken trail.

end of the Lykken Trail

With our hiking adventure behind us, we eagerly decided to head out for a well-deserved breakfast to cap off our memorable journey.

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