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Great Hawaii Family Vacation..Here we come! What can you do on the Big Island of Hawaii to make it a perfect family vacation?

The answer is: Just about Anything. The weather and beauty of Hawaii and the surrounding islands is the perfect setting for dozens of outdoor activities. There are also hundreds of shops, restaurants and other attractions for the quieter moments that you want to share, lots of great family vacation spots too. You need a base of operations while you are visiting and there are plenty of hotels and condos from which to choose your accommodations.

Rental homes are one of the best ways to enjoy the real Island experience, and may be something for you to consider when you are planning a family vacation. You should look at the features and special amenities that are offered by each before making your final selection.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular tourist draw, and both kids and parents can go on a tour of these natural wonders. Kilauea is one of the volcanoes that you will have the chance to see, and as the most active in the world, eruptions are ongoing.

You can take a driving tour or go for a hike that will take you up to the rims of some of the volcanoes. Your family will even be given the opportunity to get a close-up view of active lava as it flows to the sea. This is a must-see Hawaii family vacation idea! Rainforests in Hawaii are majestic and magical sights that will interest the entire family. You can sign up for a tour that will take you on an exciting ride through the less traveled areas. Guides will be happy to make this a trip to remember. If you aren’t afraid to splash through shallow streams and a little mud now and then, you might want to put this activity on your list.

Hawaii family vacation will not be complete without the beaches! The beaches are the playground of Hawaii and this is where your kids will be begging for you to bring them. They can learn how to surf at one of the surfing schools or have fun snorkeling and swimming.

The temperature of the water is warm enough to please the most sensitive swimmers. Seashells litter the beaches and there are many more that can be found as you swim and explore underwater.

Punalu Beach has black sand that will be interesting to both kids and parents, and this beach also is known for its population of Green Sea Turtles. Hawaii family vacation planning must include Dolphin Quest. Dolphin Quest and Dolphin Swim are some of the favorite activities presented in Hawaii. This gives you the chance to get to meet some of these mammals up close and personal.

While there are special programs that let you sign up your kids and teens at Dolphin Quest, the adults must enter a drawing for a chance to participate. Everyone can enjoy the Dolphin Swim at Sea Life Park Hawaii and for a wild dolphin swimming adventure check out private guide, Roberta Goodman.

A luau will be something that the family can enjoy together in the evening. There is dancing, singing and lots of tasty food available. This is an outdoor activity that never fails to attract large crowds.

Kids will be happy to know that there are plenty of fast food establishments available on the Island, and parents will have a chance to enjoy some private moments and upscale dining at 5 star restaurants. For parents a trip to the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens at Onomea Bay can be a great stop. This is where you can wander winding trails and see many of the Island’s native plants and flowers. You are also going to see waterfalls during your walk.

There are over 2000 species of plants that are contained in the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens. If you have never seen mango, coconut or monkeypod trees, now is your opportunity. These gardens are open to all ages, but generally adults are more interested in exploring this natural setting.

Mauna Kea Summit Tours are another Hawaiian attraction that is more suited for adults, or parents with kids who are teenagers. This is because the hike to the top of this natural landmark requires endurance and patience. It is worth the effort though, because the views from the top of Mauna Kea are breathtaking.

Waipo Valley is a culturally and historically significant area of Hawaii that you can explore. Parents and teens may prefer to saddle up a horse and enjoy one of the trail rides through this region. If you have smaller kids there are wagon tours that are also available. Now you know most of your Hawaii family vacation must do lists, Pack you bags for a great Hawaiian family vacation!

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