Going for White Water Rafting? – Know what to pack for it

 Rishikesh Water RAFTING BY Questrails

Rishikesh Water RAFTING BY Questrails

by Shubhanshi Aggarwal,

The summer vacations are quickly knocking at the door and it is the time when most of the people plan a trip to rejuvenate their body and get rid of the frenetic work. Most of the people like to spend the holidays sunbathing on the beaches or just eating delectable dishes in the restaurants. One of the great ways to enjoy the unforgettable vacations is to go for the white water rafting tour. This kind of trip will certainly provide a very unique holiday experience and find the new found energy.

Individuals contemplating a river rafting trip, then a visit to the enchanting Rishikesh must be their topmost priority. It does not matter at all whether an individual is a novice or an experienced rafter, there are some of the essential things that must not be forgotten to be packed for making vacations  hassle-free. Some of the important things that must be pack on the Rishikesh white water rafting tour are as follows:


It is important that an individual should make it a point to pack the air dry clothes during the summer months. The number of days for which the planning of the trip is made must be taken into the consideration and then the packing must be made accordingly. Some of the essential clothing materials that a person must definitely pack are the lightweight shorts and shirts, underwear, bathing suits, swimsuit, fluffy towels and sneakers. It is certainly an excellent idea to pack the long-sleeved outfits even during the summer months, as it will go a long way in protecting the body from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sunscreen Protection

Just carry a good sunscreen with a 30 SPF rating as it will safeguard the skin from the sunburn. A lip balm with the excellent sunblock properties must be there in the luggage. Putting the mascara or foundation must be avoided during the rafting. The natural look of an individual provides a great scenic feel and helps in enjoying the adventure activity without any problems. Use lots and lots of sunblock without which a person could possibly end up looking like a fried lobster when he or she comes out of the water.

High-Energy Snacks

Food items rich in nutrients and high-energy must be packed so that you can keep your sugar level up and enjoy the white water rafting without getting tired. It requires a great amount of endurance and stamina to paddle the boat through the wild waters and without the desired energy, a person can tire easily. Cereal bars and dry fruits are some of the food products that can be packed in a hassle-free manner. Bring plenty of water or energy drinks for the trip as it will keep the body hydrated.

A very important point to be remembered here is that the individual must never carry any valuable things on the river rafting with them and if they do, then they should lock the money or jewelry in their vehicles. There is a high degree of chances that a person can lose his or her precious possession on the flowing water.

All these are some of the prominent things that an enthusiastic rafter should consider packing while making plans for the Rishikesh white water river rafting tour and have fun-filled vacations.

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