Getting to know about the art of food garnishing

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To make your food look more tempting and more appetizing food garnishing plays a big role. It is the art of presenting food by decorating it with vegetables, fruits and other items. Today we are living in an era where style has stepped in all fields of our lives and the world of food and eating is not an exception. Therefore, food garnishing is getting greater importance every day. Today various competitions of food garnishing are being held in restaurants and hotels and this is creating more interest and curiosity among people about this art. When it is about garnishing food it is always the imagination and creativity that win over the others.

When the art of food garnishing is concerned the first preference should be given to keeping it beautiful but natural. It is important to see that the materials used in garnishing food are relevant to the kind of food. You can make fun with food items using different kind of cutters available in the market these days. Putting fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables cut in lovely shapes on the cooked dishes you can enhance the look of the dish to a great extent. When carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onion, pineapple, cherries, etc are cut in beautiful pieces are arranged on the dish in artistic manner the dish undoubtedly gets a huge lift in appearance. These days a variety of items are being used for garnishing of food. Just by selecting the right garnishing the food you serve can become more attractive and more exciting.

While garnishing you need to take care that the flavour and colour of the food should match with the garnish and you should try to choose dishes that come with colours complementing the food. You can find in the fine restaurants that they do not go for a matched dinner service; instead every single dish is served on a bowl or a plate with specifically chosen colour to enhance the food. For example, if you serve vanilla ice-cream on a white dish it will simply disappear; instead it will look quite exciting when served in a red dish.

Whether it is a breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks or supper presentation has always remained a vital part in our culture and just like the taste and flavour of a hearty meal the presentation also matters a lot. A wide range of cookery books and magazines are a great way of getting some valuable tips for food garnishing and making your dish a delicious treat both for your eyes and palate. But the fact is using your power of observing and experimenting, you can enhance the look of any food to a great extent.

Using a crinkle cutter is a good idea for slicing fruits and vegetables. The lemon peel tool can be used to make attractive border designs of lemons, zucchini and cucumbers. Making use of vegetable cutters you can create wonderful shapes for garnishing. The small cookie cutters can be used for creating the shapes of stars, birds, crescents and abstracts. A bit of garnishing in every recipe can be done to make food more appealing and make your family appreciate the food more.

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