Get that magical Christmas feeling on a Lapland break

Magical Christmas, by Salmiac, Creative C

Magical Christmas, by Salmiac, Creative C

Lapland is a popular choice among holidaymakers at Christmas time and it’s not hard to see why. This awe-inspiring wilderness has a real sense of magic about it at this point in the calendar. From October until March, vacationers may get to catch a glimpse of the memorizing aurora borealis and there are plenty of snow-related activities on offer too. Meanwhile, the pine forests, thick snow and abundant reindeer all add to the sense of wonder.

For families with children, Finnish Lapland can be ideal. Here, it is easy to arrange special Santa trips that leave kids with memories to last a lifetime. These adventures are particularly well suited to youngsters aged between five and eight. Because of the freezing conditions, the vacations are not generally recommended for children under the age of four.

The resort of Yllas is perfect for anyone who wants to meet Father Christmas. This is one of Finnish Lapland’s oldest and most beautiful holiday spots and it presents itself as the original home of Santa Claus. It’s even possible to arrange a visit from the bearded man, along with two of his elves. Of course, Santa always arrives bearing gifts.

It is not only kids who have a great time here. The picturesque resort also has lots to offer adults. If you book a trip to Yllas, or other Lapland resorts, you can expect to stay in cozy and well-furnished log cabins and you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained.

For example, you can test your nerve with a husky ride through the snow. Depending on the particular package you select, you may even get to drive the dogs yourself. If you choose a downhill resort, you can hit the ski slopes. Other activities on offer in this winter wonderland include ice fishing and snowmobiling. You may also get the chance to watch reindeer races on frozen lakes.

There’s no denying that Lapland is chilly during the depths of winter, but this simply adds to the festive feeling . Also, during daylight hours the sun is often shining and the air is still and dry. This means that as long as you wrap up warm, the low temperatures won’t spoil your fun.

To enjoy the best experiences in Lapland, make sure you select a suitable itinerary. Exactly what you see and do while you’re on vacation in this snowy region will depend on the package you opt for, so it’s well worth doing plenty of research and checking out the various possibilities. Many families love the magic of Lapland so much that they choose to go back year after year.

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