Galway Pubs – The Top 5

Galway is a pretty seaside city in the West of Ireland. Galway pubs have a well-earned reputation for atmosphere and “craic” and the top 5 are listed here. Irish pubs are known the world over for what the Irish call “craic” which is a Gaelic word that means having fun or even making fun of your friends but all done in good spirits possibly while drinking good spirits!

Galway pubs are no different to this rule and the Top 5 Galway pubs are certainly places worth visiting. Galway is a small city so you can even do a pub crawl and visit all 5. Just remember that your head my not quite feel the same the following morning!

Galway pubs Top 5

5. McSwiggans

McSwiggans is a beautifully decorated pub located in the Woodquay area of Galway city. It hosts a restaurant on its upper floor so if you feel like a meal after downing a few pints of Guinness downstairs, then just wander on up the stairs. It’s the ideal Galway pub if you want to settle down for a few drinks with friends before going on to the more crowded establishments downtown. With drinks often available at discounted prices and a friendly bar staff and relaxed atmosphere, McSwiggans has earned its place in the Top 5 Galway pubs.

4. The Kings Head

Right in the heart of the action on High Street, you can’t miss the enormous Kings Head pub. It has everything the pub goer might desire with food, drink, great music and sports so let there be no doubt that it caters for all tastes. Ask the staff for news on how this place got its name and you’ll hear tales of how this pub is linked to the beheading of King Charles I in 1649.

3. The Quays

The Quays is located within the tourist magnet that is Quay Street and almost within sight of Galway Bay. It has a very popular restaurant and often hosts free gigs that play everything from Irish traditional music to American bluegrass. It’s easy to understand why tourists are attracted to this truly unique pub as its interiors were imported from a French medieval Church. In what other pub can you hold your pint while gazing at stained glass, carved wood, Gothic arches and pews? This Galway pub should not be missed.

2. Roisin Dubh

Roisin Dubh is to be found on Dominick Street on the West Side of the city center. It is a multi-award-winning entertainment venue and plays host to bands of international renown as well as having comedy nights and again attracting internationally acclaimed comedians. More than just an entertainment venue though, it has large drinking areas on two levels and if you are a smoker there is huge external smoking area on the upper level where the locals love to share a few words without the distraction of blaring music. Popular with the hippie crowd, if quality entertainment is what you are after then Roisin Dubh (translates into black rose in English) is the place for you.

1. The Front Door

This multi-purpose, multi-layered establishment is more than a pub. It has five bars and plenty of hidden little areas and cozy corners for those who want a bit of privacy, but at the same time it is hugely popular and always sure of a large crowd. It has the wonderful contrast of being intimate but exhilarating, comfortable yet thrilling. It’s the warm and inviting traditional Irish pub yet it is also the modern well-equipped entertainment venue. It’s a place to get lost in but that’s OK because you may never want to leave. It is the number one of the Top 5 Galway pubs. Enjoy the craic!

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