Gadgets to make your hotel room safer

 Hotel room in Negambo- SL

Hotel room in Negambo- SL

by Stephen Mattson,

Staying in a hotel room can be a scary experience for those worried about personal safety and protection. To help increase the level of security during your stay, there are certain gadgets that can be used to help minimize your fears.

*Electronic Locks

Most hotels use these types of locks, but if they don’t, transfer to a room or hotel that does. The digital imprint that is captured every time the lock is used can track who entered the room and at what time. If your key gets lost or stolen, electronic locks can easily be changed so that the door cannot be accessed, and manual locks simply cannot offer the same levels of protection.

* Luggage locks

Luggage locks come in various shapes and sizes, but they do a wonderful job of keeping your belongings safe and secure. Staff such as bellmen, housekeepers, and room service attendants can access rooms, so it’s always a wise idea to lock up any suitcases before you leave the room. They also come in handy if you need to store luggage or leave it unattended for long periods of time.

*A Safe

Most rooms now come equipped with safes that can store personal and valuable belongings. These heavy-duty boxes usually have an electronic keypad where an access code can be created and used. These devices protect against the most common type of hotel-related crime – theft.

* Motion-activated Lights

These lights automatically turn on when triggered by movement and are often used upon entering a room.  For obvious reasons they aren’t used as the main room lights (otherwise you’d never be able to sleep). Motion-activated lights allow for guests to be aware of their surroundings and can also tip off someone if there’s an intruder within the room. Upon entering the room, if the sensory light is already on, that means someone is either in the room or it has been triggered recently. Don’t go into the room, but call down to the front desk and ask for assistance.

* Cell Phone

Never leave without it, and always have it with you while staying inside of a hotel room. Hotel phones are notorious for being faulty, and even if they work the lines may be busy or the codes to reach outside help may be too complicated to remember. If you’re in immediate danger, scream for help. Hotel rooms are usually spaced close together (and often have thin walls), so your frantic voice will alarm anybody within hearing distance. If you’re worried about suspicious activity, are hearing strange noises, or have a complaint, simply use your cell phone to call the hotel, or if necessary, the local police. It’s always a good idea to have the local police, the front desk, a hospital, and a local contact’s number listed in your cell phone for easy accessibility.

By having these simple gadgets, your hotel stay will be much safer, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re better protected.

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