Folly Beach: Fun Things to Do When It Rains at The Edge of America

Folly Beach, SC, Credit-Tripadvisor

Folly Beach, SC, Credit-Tripadvisor

by Ridzi Sha,

Folly Beach, often referred as the ‘Edge of America,’ offers sunshine, water sports, and beachscape leisure.  However, though the natives can control levels of kindness and offered entertainment, they cannot control the weather.  Sometimes, a little rain must fall on Folly Beach, inspiring goers to find indoor activities to complement the plethora of things to do outdoors.

Terrance Theatre

Entertainment comes in all forms, but technology aligned with movie production sound and image quality improves levels of such.  The Terrance Theatre, formerly the Charleston IMAX Theatre, features the latest major motion pictures, inviting opportunity for singles, couples, and families to enjoy an afternoon or evening of audio-visual entertainment.

Shopping Malls

The Folly Beach area is rich in history, dating back to the 1600s when settlers began docking ashore.  Its situation as a port city enables natives to come across a diverse collection of arts, crafts, and other vendor-offered products.  Local vendors and artisans are in high number, offering unique crafts to shoppers.  Additionally, two major local malls inhibit the vicinity: The Citadel Mall and the Northwoods Mall.  When it’s pouring outside, natives and vacationers seek refuge in commercial opportunities.

City Market

Those vacationing in Folly Beach find way down to Charleston’s City Market.  Four major buildings, spanning from Meeting Street to East Bay Street, offer a large assortment of house wares and unique art from local vendors numbering in the hundreds.  Contrary to speculation, the City Market is not a ‘flea market’; it offers high-quality, original products such as sweetgrass-weaved baskets, afghans, local treats and candies, and more.

Magnolia Plantation

Founded in 1676, the plantation has been a popular South Carolina landmark for over 300 years.  A hop, skip, and jump away from downtown, the plantation seems like a planet of its own.  Visitors covet visions of oak avenues, lush lawns, and ancestral grounds at the edge of the Ashley River.  Those taking hooded- bus tours enjoy 300-hundred-year-old trees, trimmed with Spanish moss, gardens vibrant with year round color, and the ‘long white bridge’ arching over Cypress Pond.

The South Carolina Aquarium

Tourists book Charleston vacation rentals to enjoy the pristine coastal beauty, and there is lots to do, even on rainy days.  The South Carolina Aquarium opened at the turn of the century, and has since been visited by over two-million visitors thus far.  Take a journey from the Appalachian Watershed to the Atlantic Ocean, viewing the mountains, coastal plains, and finally, the coast.  Visitors catch sight of intriguing sea life including sea turtles, alligators, and sharks.  The aquarium’s biggest draw is its three-story Great Ocean Tank, hosting over 300 animals.  The aquarium is open each day besides Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The beach is not commonly associated to water from the sky but on the land, yet visitors of Folly Beach do not lack things of interest when a bit of rain must fall.  The ‘Edge of America’ lures scores of visitors each year, those curious to find what all the fuss is about regardless of rain or shine.

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