Finding The Real Facts About An Adventure Travel Tour

adventure travel tourIf your idea of a vacation is to take your body and mind to places that they has never been and to push yourself to the extremes then you are an adventurer at heart. I am one too. When I travel I bother more about the experience than the availability of clean sheets and bathrooms. I have travelled to remote parts of the world in search for adventure and have never been disappointed. I have bungee jumped off a bridge in France, base-jumped off cliffs in New Zealand and even swam with the sharks at the Andaman Islands. People have called me an idiot but the key to an adventure tour is to be a bit of a careful careless idiot.

Now how is that possible? Well, after you have broken a couple of bones you tend to get the message. Your body screams at you to stop but the mind wants you to keep going and somewhere you reach a balance and eventually get back home, safe and deliriously happy. Going on an adventure tour does not mean that you have to deliberately court danger. There needs to be a tremendous amount of planning behind every trip. There are thousands of travel operators that offer adventure tourism packages. You can find them on the internet or your neighbourhood but take your time in deciding upon an ideal one.

If you are familiar with the location and know your stuff then you could very well go solo and have fun. But if you are a person who would like to try bungee jumping or rock climbing for the first time, I would suggest that you go with a group or on a tour package. There are operators that are certified and who have guides that are experienced in that particular activity. They will know what you need and will also have the necessary gear. Make sure that you only go on packages with authorised guides. They need to be certified by a reputed agency or in some cases the government. Make sure you ask all the questions that you need to know the answer to because there should be no doubt in your mind about the safety of the tour.

You will need to take care of your health and your own safety. Make sure you get in touch with people who have done the trip before and get their opinions. This is especially helpful when it comes to adventure sports like mountaineering and rock climbing. They will have so much to tell you as they have experienced it before you. Get in touch with your tour mates before setting out. Make sure you do some background research about the tour company. You need to know how good (or bad) they are before starting your trip. Don’t forget to check the weather forecasts for the destination as well.  Your tour operators must be able to guide you and help you discover the adventurer within you. Your safety must be their number one priority.

So, go ahead, be a careful careless idiot.
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